Vice President Suleiman speaks


I'm exhausted from live tweeting, so if you don't mind, I'll just copy and paste (with a few edits) my snarky tweets of Vice President Suleiman's speech:

Suleiman #shortversion: Reaffirms Mubarak's national sense, his standing on the side of the people. And then there was a collective spit take.

Suleiman #shortversion: Mubarak put the interest of the country above anything. .... except his bank account.

Suleiman #shortversion: I'm asking everyone to stabilize... calm down... because, hey, WHY WOULD YOU BE MAD??

Suleiman #shortversion: Transfer of power will take place according to the Constitution. Oh wait, we still have a Constitution?

Suleiman #shortversion: I will support the revolution of the young men, work toward resuming their trust. #OXYMORON

Suleiman #shortversion: Look to future. Yes we can! Oh wait. That phrase represents a democracy. My bad.

Suleiman #shortversion: Go back home, to those HIGH PAYING jobs of yours! Hey, lookeethere! I made a funny!

Suleiman #shortversion: Those heroic military forces who kept you secure? Hey, they must be the same ones who beat you, right? Just doin' their job.

Suleiman #shortversion: I sweartogod I'll work to keep Egypt secure. Just as it's been for the past few weeks. Oh wait.

Suleiman is in effect in charge during transition, says @DylanRatigan "Change has begun" said Suleiman. Just like Obama! Oh wait.

That's the gist of what he said, and my demented interpretations. The Egyptian people are livid, as I posted here.

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable, they are not listening or they are setting the stage for a bloodbath...Suleiman is condescending and insulting the protesters intelligence. They all have to go, specially Suleiman and Mubarak, the entire regime of torturing, senile, criminal regime thugs need to go. They need to get all of them out and have them stand trial for crimes against the people of Egypt.