Video- VP Biden Announces Plan for Nationwide High Speed Rail


That rail line plan looks awful pretty to me.

  • I feel the same. As an (adopted) Ohioan I"m both glad and sad at Gov. Kasich's decision to scrap our high speed rail plans, as I like the idea of the money it will save, yet I also love the idea of hopping on a train to be in Cincinnati, Columbus or Cleveland before brunch!

    Coming from a country with a pretty good rail network, (the UK), I do miss train travel. In fact, it was one of the surprises I got when moving Stateside 10 years ago, just how poorly public transport is viewed hwere in the US - every just HAS TO have their own vehicle.

  • Clancy

    I know that it's not cost-effective, but it would be great if we could link the coasts . . . and the Northwest and California high speed rail systems.