VIDEO: Jamie Kilstein on the Conan O'Brien show


I have a Twitter friend named Jamie Kilstein (who happens to be married to another friend named Allison Kilkenny, who has appeared in a couple of my Blunt webisodes). And that Twitter friend named Jamie Kilstein recently became a real life friend (as did the ridiculously bright and hilarious Allison) when he invited me to watch him perform here in L.A.

And new real life friend Jamie Kilstein knocked my socks off. He did over an hour of material, and not once did I do something I tend to do during more mundane shows, look at my watch. However what I did do was laugh. A lot. I even marveled occasionally. Okay, more than occasionally.

I wish you could see his entire routine, because he combines a generous helping of revealingly personal humor with the political, the endearing with the enraging, the engaging with the enlightening.

I don't rave about comedians often. I'm raving now.

Above his his first appearance on Conan O'Brien's show, and see if you don't agree with me. Jamie Kilstein is a sweet guy with a wickedly sharp wit.  Standing O, Jamie!

In addition to being a comedian, Jamie Kilstein is the co-host of the incredibly awesome radio show Citizen Radio. You can tell that he is one smart guy: Obama, technology, terrorism, changing the world! For one little comic to tackle such big topics is pretty cool. My favorite part of his set was the joke about technology and Japan... he has a GREAT point. I can't just RE-TYPE it down here in the little blog area though! You gotta watch it!

Also, it was Jamie Kilstein's first time on TV! Conan loves introducing new comedians to the world, and he seemed very pleased to present Jamie's debut tonight. Way to go Jamie, you killed it.

Way to go, Team Coco!

  • I am a 55 year old lesbian grandma and I love Citizen Radio. Happy to see Jaimie on Conan -- NOT taking it down a notch just because he's on National TV. Good going Jaimie.

  • Funny, not terrible.

  • BillGuest

    Terrible. Not funny.

  • I watched this last night and basically swooned. Jamie, you make my life a little less glum.