"Thousands of Egyptian youth protesters form human-chain around Egypt Museum to protect it from looting"


This got me verklempt. Fascinating timeline. Via Sullivan.

2000 GMT: A very touching story is developing in Cairo. As the NDP’s headquarters burn, there were fears that the Egyptian National Museum, which houses some of the world’s most ancient artifacts from the old Egyptian civilization and a beautiful collection of ancient whales fossils, would catch on fire too. There were earlier reports – albeit unconfirmed – that some people were looting the museum.

Now Al Jazeera is reporting that young protesters have formed a human chain around the museum to protect it against looting. It seems for now that this treasure trove of human ingenuity and the natural world’s wonders is in no immediate danger.

  • I'm so proud of the people who protect the museums in Egypt. They realize that the treasures don't belong only to Egyptians or only Africans. They are part of the legacy of all humans on earth.

  • Huda

    so proud of my Masri, aka Egyptian brothers and sisters!