Unemployed Floridians bristle at being called lazy, incompetent


You lazy, incompetent 99ers! Hanging around the house all day! How dare you!?

And all of you other greedy, socialist unemployed Floridians! What are you thinking, hoping you won't get hired so you can keep accumulating enormous wealth from all the government checks that keep rolling in, paying for that new lap pool and expensive maid service!


How sensitive of the GOP to call unemployment money "handouts", and to call the recipients "slackers and malingerers." I'm talking to you, Governor Rick Scott and Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice:

The comments sting many unemployed Floridians, who resent the notion that they are sitting at home collecting checks and watching soap operas. They say their days are filled with phone calls, job searches, résumé work and anxiety.

Critics who portray them as indolent and unwilling to work, they say, don't understand how weak the labor market is.

"I go to all the job [web]sites every day; I drop off résumés in person, knowing they probably won't get past the front desk," said Denise Scala, a 50-year-old office manager laid off about nine months ago. "I've looked constantly and just haven't found anything." [...]

Scala's mother, Joan, has sharper words for those questioning her daughter's work ethic.

"They have some nerve," she said.

Now let's set them straight, shall we Arthur Rosenberg, an attorney and advocate for the unemployed? Let's educate them instead of enabling them to blame the victim:

"It's not that people aren't doing what they're supposed to do," said Rosenberg, of Florida Legal Services. "The problem is there just aren't many jobs right now."

He and others also point out that unemployment is not welfare, it's insurance. Eligibility is determined by work history, and those who haven't worked aren't entitled to it.

"The disaster has happened," he said, "and now these people need to collect."

Got that, Rick and company?  That's how the system works. It's legit, unlike your condescending, offensive attitudes.

H/t: CindyScott54