Video- Sarah Palin Calls Obama's Sputnik Analogy A "WTF Moment"


Is it me, or does she sound a little unsure of herself? Via Media Matters.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Paddy and Laffy take the Dana Milbank pledge no ms phony for a month. Let's black her out on progressive websites.

  • Walt

    She absolutely made no sense... as usual. But she got in a nice little "kiss Greta's ass so she keeps kissing Sarah Palin's ass" moment. Jeesh, this right wing media has become lowest point of our free press since this country has started. I mean, folks, this would a hilarious joke if it weren't happening for real. This should be a satire in a movie like "Network." God help us.

  • jackiebw

    Her entire career is a "WTF"

  • Anonymous

    I have really enjoyed the past few weeks of relatively little or nothing being said by Palin except for the idiotic response to Tucson with her making herself the victim, never mind that people were killed, Sarah was a VICTIM in her demented mind. Just listening to her tonight for the first few minutes on Greta was torture. Please, someone commit her. She needs help badly and it was never more evident than tonight listening to that rambling insanity that Greta was pretending were actual answers to her questions. Palin is truly delusional.

  • Dattucha

    does ANYONE care at all that she COMPLETELY misunderstands the meaning of "sputnik" moment?? Her response makes zero sense whatsoever. jesus christ this woman is suuuuuuch an idiot.

  • Well Holy Crap! If Palin had any sense at all, she's be embarrassed by this silly, stupid rant. But she doesn't, so she'll think she did just great.

  • Anonymous

    I'm growing a tad tired of the 'love you', 'love you' crap that is going on between Greta & Sarah.
    I've purposely left out any adjectives describing how I feel about each of these people...all that needs to be said is that they feed...& feed off of each other...therefore nothing of substance shall ever come from their interactions or discussions.

  • joesdaughter

    She and her advisors are as dumb as dirt.

  • Westernsmith1215

    So $arah what does WTF stand for? Basically she threw self into one of those turkey-o-cutioners that she posed in front of a while back. Now did she say Spudnut? And is she saying people don't want help (from the government or anyone else) and just want to live in this recession that the Repubs made?