VIDEO: Bachmann "will not get one vote from this nation's black population" + PhotOh! Focus, Michele!


Chris Jansing: "Her knowledge of the basics is lacking."

"Thank god she's not writing the nation's history books. If this is the Tea Party's representative, I am confident that they will not get one vote from this nation's black population," said Bernard.

"It floors me because even as members of the Tea Party expound how much they love the constitution, they don't even know it," said Jeff Johnson, contributor to

And just for kicks, I documented Bachmann's apparent inability to focus on a camera lens (or much else for that matter) by taking a few screen grabs of her rebuttal rebuttal.

Hey Michele... over HERE!

H/t: Lensman23

  • Walt

    You are right Christopher, you are no genius. John Quincy Adams wasn't even one of our founding fathers. Michelle Bachmann was quite historically inaccurate and truly disingenuous considering it is the corporatist (today's plantation owner) who she sides with and is funded by. It is funny... really funny that you try and defend that corporate climbing whore. (Well, I give you credit for figuring out she is a fraud.)

    Your conclusion that there is no left or right paradigm leaves me to believe you don’t know your history. Nor do you have an understanding of the powers that be that try and divide the masses through fear and deceit. It is one oldest tricks used since mankind has existed. It seems a rather shallow conclusion of your cynicism and distrust of Obama by conveniently boxing him as a two dimensional character because he doesn’t view the world the way you do.

  • No name calling, Christopher? Sixth grader? Next to that, "genius" is a
    compliment. We usually delete comments like yours, but it was so ridiculous,
    I left it up. Read our guidelines. Come back when your comments follow them.

  • Thanks for the name-calling. I may not be a genius, but at least I am able to identify and evade the false left-right paradigm where one president's lies are better than another's. "You can take that to the bank".

  • Although Bachman seems a fraud to me, she was historically accurate in highlighting a near hundred year effort to abolish slavery. Why must you mock that which is historically superior to yourself? It's not her fault you think like a sixth-grader.

  • “[M]y opinion against it [slavery] has always been known… [N]ever in my life did I own a slave.”
    —John Adams,

  • Mind numbing ignorance and it's appalling coming from a member of Congress. But it's not a shock, considering that Bachmann has said Glenn Beck is the best history teacher. Clearly, she gets her lessons from his chalkboard. Having seen this now a couple of times, I really noticed her constant hand gestures. Wonder what that means. Weird that she feels the need to make a handwriting gesture, as she describes the Founders writing. Really weird.

  • Yes, I know, but how hard is it to find both cameras?

  • Pbk

    Apparently, there were two cameras. She's looking into the one that was sending it to her Tea Party folks.....she is a benign twit cozying up to her constituent nitwits...