Flashback VIDEO- Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment: Gay marriage is a question of love


I put this piece up back in August. It is one of the many reasons I will miss Keith, and it is worth a re-post.

For my thoughts on his leaving, go here. It's gotten wonderful feedback and a much larger response than I ever expected, both here and on Twitter. Thank you for that.

And you can visit Keith's Facebook page here, where he the page's author wrote:

Added: I meant to include a note that Keith has said he himself doesn't have a FB page. The page is about him, not by him.

In the meantime:

This is one of Keith’s best Special Comments ever, if not THE best.

Thank you Keith, thank you, thank you:

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  • This broke my heart when it aired as it does now. And this what the powers that be think they can do with out. I have witnessed these things in my own family and friends and I can't think of a better way to frame this !!!!!!