State of the Union Watch: Michele Bachmann to rebut the rebuttal


Ben Smith got one of the most amusing emails I've seen in a long time:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has confirmed with us that she will broadcast her response to Barack Obama's State Of The Union address this Tuesday. You'll be able to watch her rebut Obama via her address which will be broadcast on our website:

Only Michele could top Ba-Ba-Baaa-Bobby Jindal. I wonder if Tea Party Express will provide a laugh track.

And I also wonder if this is the tea party's not so subtle way of slapping the GOP upside the head.

  • The remix folks will LOVE that one—endless hours of laughter and entertainment will be had.

  • Green Willow

    Well, every circus needs a clown.

  • Oh, by all means, use it!

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Bat Shit crazy speaking her bat shit rhetoric oooh I can hardly wait! NOT!

    Laffy horrible picture of her before she got her work done and botox. I hope you don't mind if I use it when I revise my, they don't care about us video.

  • DSG

    So there will be three speeches - the President, the Republicans, and the Tinfoil Hat Brigade.