Tea Party Gov. LePage's "black son" called into question


I've been posting about  Governor Paul LePage (R-Maine) who said that he decided not to go to the state NAACP celebrations for Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day because he was otherwise engaged. And by “decided not to go” I mean he responded to his critics by uttering those now-infamous sweet nothings, “Tell them to kiss my butt.”

Some of the other things he said are in this audio:

"My son happens to be black."

And what does that have to do with refusing to attend a NAACP Martin Luther King, Jr. event? Nothing.

And exactly which "son" is he referring to? Or maybe a better question would be, when is a son not a son? Answer: When he's exploited by his fake father on Martin Luther King Day.

Via TPM:

This declaration drew focus onto LePage's relationship with the young man. And as the Portland Press Herald reports, the young man who LePage called his son -- Devon Raymond Jr. -- isn't technically his son. It remains unclear exactly how close the two are, or were -- or what the exact nature of their relationship is.

They met in Jamaica through Raymond's father, who caddied for LePage during a vacation, said Dan Demeritt, LePage's spokesperson, according to the newspaper. Raymond moved in with the LePage family in 2002.

Raymond is neither a U.S. citizen nor has he been formally adopted by LePage, the Press Herald reports.

Wait, so LePage is referring to a black, non-citizen as his son? And this not-citizen, not-son is living in his house? Where are his papers? His birth certificate?

Gasp!  What will the tea party say? Orly, are you taking this down?

H/t: Lensman23

  • Philndeb

    Is his "son" actually adopted or merely a houseguest being used as a shield against claims of bigotry?


    This author is class-act asshole! He should go to hell too, and kiss my ass while he's at it!

  • Anonymous

    Oh please you small minded fools.  Gov. LePage Rocks!  How about the goofy president sitting in the oval office that claims to be black?  He's half and half....and a freakin' pathelogical Liar.   Gov. thinks of this young man as his son........that's all that counts.  Get over yourselves.

  • CoachT

    You people make me sick,, calling this man a bigot,, WHAT because he was SET-UP and decided to TELL THE TRUTH,, Please, you all then deserve what ever type of Dem ass FOR ANY GOV position you get,, WHAT,, the NAACP is above all,, This is the PROBEM, BUT you all are to stupid to see it,,, You finally have a man in office that wants the best for Maine,,, AND Will NOT BE BOUGHT,, You all make me sick

  • Hodan Ahmed

    the whole thing sounds creepy, how did this kid end up living with him without any legal papers? And why did his own father give him up and allow a complete strange to take him out of Jamaica?

  • Person

    So he's exploiting his caddie's son, so everything is all right and he now thinks he has free license to be a COMPLETE OPEN BIGOT! Maine what were you thinking?

  • HarborGuy

    Le'Page = Just another T.HaterBagger "mess in a dress"

  • HUH!? uhh, wait a minute... Black son? Caddy? WHAT!? This guy just committed political suicide. Maybe that's why he joined in with the AFRO dance team at the "kiss-my-butt" breakfast yesterday. He'll be attending and dancing at these kinds of luncheons and dinners from now till the next election.