Tea Party Gov. LePage's "black son" called into question


I've been posting about  Governor Paul LePage (R-Maine) who said that he decided not to go to the state NAACP celebrations for Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day because he was otherwise engaged. And by “decided not to go” I mean he responded to his critics by uttering those now-infamous sweet nothings, “Tell them to kiss my butt.”

Some of the other things he said are in this audio:

"My son happens to be black."

And what does that have to do with refusing to attend a NAACP Martin Luther King, Jr. event? Nothing.

And exactly which "son" is he referring to? Or maybe a better question would be, when is a son not a son? Answer: When he's exploited by his fake father on Martin Luther King Day.

Via TPM:

This declaration drew focus onto LePage's relationship with the young man. And as the Portland Press Herald reports, the young man who LePage called his son -- Devon Raymond Jr. -- isn't technically his son. It remains unclear exactly how close the two are, or were -- or what the exact nature of their relationship is.

They met in Jamaica through Raymond's father, who caddied for LePage during a vacation, said Dan Demeritt, LePage's spokesperson, according to the newspaper. Raymond moved in with the LePage family in 2002.

Raymond is neither a U.S. citizen nor has he been formally adopted by LePage, the Press Herald reports.

Wait, so LePage is referring to a black, non-citizen as his son? And this not-citizen, not-son is living in his house? Where are his papers? His birth certificate?

Gasp!  What will the tea party say? Orly, are you taking this down?

H/t: Lensman23