Failed Republican Indiana congressional candidate charged with making threats


AP – This undated photo provided by the Indiana State Police shows Cheryl Allen

Cheryl Allen ran in and lost the Republican race for Indiana's 4th Congressional District this past November. She got only 3 percent of the vote. She's now being held on $100,000 bond after being arrested on eight felony counts of intimidation. She claimed she was innocent before saying, "Someday, may someone get even with them."

Allen made threats against judges and other officials on her Facebook account:

The alleged threats mentioned four Morgan County judges, and other public officials — including [Morgan County Prosecutor Steve] Sonnega — were mentioned by first name. Media reports said Allen had previously filed a discrimination lawsuit that was dismissed by a judge.

"One day I will have my revenge on your seeking so much revenge on me," read one of the posts cited in media reports.

"Someday Boooooom while your setting in your offices," read a second. "And you know I won't even be the one pulling the trigger," said another. [...]

In a Facebook post on Jan. 8, the newspaper said she wrote: "What do you need to have done to get all the current government out of office? That is why we should own guns to go into court to get my right to trial back."

Yeah, she's someone we want in the House of Representatives speaking for the people.

Add up the number of dangerous right wingers recently reported in the news, the ones who have threatened, and even carried out acts of violence against public officials, the ones who have incited hate and hostility , and compare that to the one (likely) Democrat who has been charged.  This is not to say there aren't some left wing crazies out there, but of those we've been hearing about, the conservatives sure seem to "act out" more often.

I don't recall Democrats brandishing guns at rallies, using a lot of words like "reload" or other threatening "gun" talk. There are a few examples of similar language that some rather defensive conservative pundits and the usual media personalities have pointed out, and assuming they are accurate, the numbers are still awfully puny next to those of the right wing extremists. And really, some of the incidents offered up were pretty lame.

And now a Republican who ran for Congress can be added to the list of the potentially dangerous.

This must stop. But sadly, from the looks of things, that's not going to happen any time soon.

If Allen is convicted, she could serve four to twenty-four years.

H/t: barelyberlee