BREAKING: Senate Filibuster Reform Package


Ezra Klein made this chart from this data.

Talking Points Memo has some breaking news about filibuster reform. Here's the gist, but please read the rest here:

As promised, Udall proposes ending secret holds and the right of the minority to filibuster the start of debate, and demanding the "talking" filibuster.

But, according to documents provided by Udall's office in advance of his floor speech, it also includes a proposal that guarantees both parties the right to amend legislation -- limiting the majority leader's power to "fill the amendment tree" and block extended debate. [...]

According to the resolution, both the majority leader and the minority leader would have the right to offer up to three germane amendments, one hour of debate a piece. [...]

It also includes a provision to limit the amount of time the Senate spends debating nominees after the filibuster's been broken.