Breaking: John Boehner elected as House speaker



Via an L.A. Times email news alert, the bad news:

Republican Rep. John Boehner of Ohio has been officially elected the 61st speaker of the House of Representatives, as the 112th Congress convened in Washington on Wednesday.

Boehner, a 20-year congressman representing the 8th District of Ohio, replaces Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco , who in 2007 became the first woman to lead the House.

As he prepared to accept the gavel, Boehner pledged to make the House "honest, accountable, and more responsive" to the needs of the American people.

Pelosi will remain Democratic leader of the House, now serving in the minority.

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And by "American people" he means conservatives.

UPDATE: I was watching CSPAN and various tweets by Roll Call and Jake Tapper. In all 19 Democrats defect against Pelosi for Speaker, including two California Members. Pelosi defections: 11 for Shuler, 2 for Lewis, 1 for Cardoza, 1 for Costa, 1 for Cooper, 1 for Kaptur, 1 for Hoyer, 1 Present.