Parolee could become Mitt Romney's Willie Horton


Watch out, Willard, you have a bird hanging off your neck... or are you just happy to see me:

BOSTON, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- The parole of a jewel thief killed in a shootout that left a police officer dead could be Mitt Romney's albatross in a U.S. presidential run, observers say.

When Willard was governor of Massachusetts, he appointed two of six Parole Board members. All six agreed upon the release of Dominic Cinelli, who shot and killed a police officer during a robbery last month. But will that be enough to sink him?

Republican analyst Rick Wilson agreed, predicting, "You will certainly see people try and use (the Cinelli case) against him." [...]

In 1988, explosive reports about crimes committed by another Massachusetts inmate, Willie Horton, after walking away from a weekend furlough torpedoed former Bay State Gov. Michael Dukakis's Democratic presidential campaign. Horton, now 59, was serving life without parole for the 1974 murder of a Massachusetts teenager when in 1986 he failed to return from a weekend furlough, later raping a Maryland woman after stabbing and torturing her fiance.

Who do the Republicans have left as a viable candidate in 2012? Anyone? Bueller?