VIDEO: Thousands of dead birds fall from sky in Arkansas


Video via.

There are a few reasons being considered for this creepy phenomenon, such as trauma from having been exposed to fireworks on New Year's Eve, or possibly some kind of toxin (although that seems unlikely, per the report).

There was a previous incident involving a huge fish kill:

An Arkansas resident posted this YouTube. The report on the massive fish kill starts at about 2:15 into it:

Stay tuned...

  • Westernsmith1215

    Birds bathing in toxic coal ash dumps couldn't be the problem!!! Because birds hate "socialism" and don't want industries (or anything) regulated- because corrupt companies would lose their freedoms and through out history they have always been honest (cough, cough).

  • Nellcote

    So when do they get the lake of fire? It's the end times I tell 'ya!

  • Anonymous

    Very strange...and very sad.

  • Happy New Year!

  • Anonymous

    Is this for real? Now I have to research because it's just too weird.

    Hey! Happy New Year.