The Big Lie Theory


According to AlterNet, there were six Big Lies that defined 2010:

  1. The Birthers and their meme that President Obama was not born in the United States. Still.
  2. Andrew Breitbart's (for one) lie about U.S. Department of Agriculture official, Shirley Sherrod, portraying her as a racist via an edited video.
  3. Glenn Beck's accusation that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator during World War II. Um, Glenn?  Soros is Jewish and a Holocaust survivor.
  4. The Koch brothers and their buddies Big One about President Obama's health care reform being a big, scary government takeover of the health care system. In fact, Big Insurance benefited mightily.
  5. Obama's apparent inability to speak without using a teleprompter. I guess they must have missed all those off the cuff press conferences. And it's so darn messy to Sharpie up one's hand, isn't it Sarah Palin?
  6. And finally-- ta da!-- voluntary counseling for end-of-life care is actually a government designed "death panel" that can't wait to "pull the plug on Grandma." Never mind that Medicare covers a very helpful, reassuring, very necessary consultation with one's physician to prepare for the inevitable.

Those are some big whoppers, 2010. What were you thinking?

Oh, wait, it wasn't 2010, it was the mee-dee-uh:

The Big Lie theory goes like this: A gigantic, audacious lie is more likely to be believed by the masses than a small one if it is repeated often enough. ...[T]he Big Lie went mainstream in 2010, as its propagators on the Right were accepted by big media as respectable articulators of a legitimate point of view. [...]

No Big Lie strategy can work without the dissemination of the Lie by mainstream media and in this regard, the media have been exemplary -- not in a wittingly conspiratorial way, but in a, gee-these-sensational-claims-will-really-boost-our-ratings kind of a way. After all, they too have corporate masters to serve. [...]

The graphic for the story read: "'Death Panel' Resurrection."

Congratulations, CNN. You are an accessory to the Big Lie.

Note that CNN is owned by AOL/Time Warner.

As for Breitbart:

[H]e was hired by ABC News to provide commentary on the midterm elections -- a deal that was canceled only after public outcry from media watchdogs.

Note that ABC News is owned by the Disney Corporation.

As for that health care thing:

Without stating the reasons that two-thirds of Americans thought the plan too costly, USA Today reporter Susan Page never articulated the fact that many of those Americans likely thought the law too expensive in light of the fact that it did not offer a publicly financed health-care plan, thus reinforcing the right's Big Lie.

Note that USA Today is owned by the Gannett Co., Inc., which owns 100 media entities, including newspapers and television stations.

It's time for the truth. Owned by all of us. Well, those of us who are honest.