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Audio- Limbaugh: "Pharaoh Obama" Grew "A Quasi-Mustache There For The Appropriate Facial Hair During The [Cairo] Speech"


I found lots of pics of the President when he was in Cairo, no mustache. I'm thinking the drugs have addled his brain so much that now he's having visual hallucinations....


Lobby Dollars Dip for First Time in Years


Stop the presses! The K Street gang is holding back some of those big DC lobby bucks:

For the first time in almost a decade, total lobbying revenues did not increase last year, with the recession pinching K Street budgets and major legislative initiatives such as health care reform winding down. [...]

Aside from the economy, experts said, other factors were likely responsible for the overall revenue dip, including completion last March by Congress of the health care overhaul that consumed K Street for more than a year.[...]

Not everyone pulled back on their lobbying. Financial firms with stakes in the Wall Street reform law that Congress approved last year, including Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co., increased their lobbying tabs. Communications and high-tech companies, including Verizon and Google, which had a stake in net neutrality rules considered by Congress and approved by the Federal Communication Commission in December, also beefed up their advocacy.

Gosh, I bet this will make some big dent, huh?

Total lobbying expenditures were $3.5 billion in 2010, which was a decrease of $104 million, or 2.9 percent, from the previous year, according to a CQ MoneyLine analysis of filings made by lobbying entities under the Lobbying Disclosure Act.

And here America is, barely scraping together enough money for heating bills.


RNC gets kicked in the arrears


About a month ago, I posted this delightful little tidbit:

The unreleased official budget of the RNC reveals that the Republican party’s national governing body and premier fund-raising apparatus begins the 2011-2012 presidential election cycle more than $20 million in the hole.

A record for any year in the past 30 years,” RNC chairman candidate and former Deputy U.S. Transportation Secretary Maria Cino told The Washington Times

I added:

Of course, Karl Rove and his merry thugs will more than make up for this when they raise kajillions more untraceable corporate dollars.

But that doesn't stop me from doing the Happy Dance when I read the following update:

RNC Chairman Chairman Reince Priebus announced the party has about $23 million in debt as it prepares for the 2012 election cycle, the Washington Post reports. [...]

That's about $8 million higher than previously reported.

I bet his Priebus nearly fell off when he discovered the RNC was so hocked up. Nothing like being kicked in the arrears when you're down.


VIDEO: Harry Reid takes Social Security privatization, raising retirement age off the table


Harry Reid has taken privatization and raising the retirement age off the table. Standing O, Harry!

That's significant given a fairly broad consensus among conservative Democrats and Republicans that the retirement age should be bumped up. With Republicans in control of the House, the Senate could end up being the firewall protecting Social Security from those sorts of cuts. [...]

...Reid's right that Social Security will be solvent for years into the future, and could be made indefinitely solvent with a minor payroll tax hike on high-income earners. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) last week walked back his call to raise the retirement age to 70, pending a full Congressional debate on that question.

If the GOP would only provide accurate information, we could stop wasting so much time arguing about this. And if the wealthiest among us would contribute a little more, thereby helping their fellow Americans, it would sure be a good thing for this country, for Social Security, and for their own kids and grandkids.

Repeat after me: Social Security does not affect the deficit. When you get paid, the money in your paycheck that is supposed to go toward Social Security, if you're lucky enough to still get a paycheck, goes directly into the Social Security Trust Fund. Via Thom Hartmann:

Myth #5: Social Security adds to the deficit

Reality: It's not just wrong—it's impossible! By law, Social Security's funds are separate from the budget, and it must pay its own way. That means that Social Security can't add one penny to the deficit.