VIDEO: I'm Grateful for President Obama


There are times when I am let down by President Obama, but there are so many times when I am grateful, too.

One can be disappointed and/or critical of the president and still support him, want him to succeed, and appreciate what has been highlighted in this video. I had tweeted the "stills" version of the vid a few days ago, and it got a wonderful response.

Let's keep pushing Prez O to do what's best for the country, never give up , keep fighting, and show him we're behind him when he manages to pull off some major accomplishments in the face of a wall of obstruction. Then let's encourage him to improve on those accomplishments when they don't fulfill expectations.

But let's also remember that democracy often requires dissent, we are allowed to disagree with each other (peacefully, civilly, with respect), and protest injustice. We are America, all of us, not just some, not just the wealthy and powerful... all of us.

H/t: SPisanId10t

  • Anonymous

    Shoot! I cried.

    We have to double our efforts for this man in 2011. Whatever disappointments we may face, let's face them WITH him, not against him.

    Yes, we can. Yes, we shall. Yes, we MUST!

  • Lonnie

    Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing it with the world.

  • Jeanne

    Love your video! Wish the President got credit for all he has done and respect! Glad he has brains! Think so may got used to the no brainer Bush that they do not understand a person with brains,sad.

  • Susan

    shriek. "go viral" lol

  • Off to help make it viral:)

  • mj

    Video. Needs. To. Go. Viral. Now.

    "One can be disappointed and/or critical of the president and still support him, want him to succeed . . ."

    Well, not according to Sean "if you criticize a [white Republican] president in wartime, you're committing treason" Hannity and Rush "I hope he fails" Limpballs . . .

  • I posted this on my Facebook...cuz I AM proud! (family has all hidden my feed long ago, so it's cool)

  • : ) Remember "reasonable"?

  • Anonymous

    Me, too;

  • Anonymous

    Me, too;