Chuck Schumer predicts "a lot of productivity" in Congress. Not kidding.


Chuck, you are such an optimist. Via Taegan:

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) told MSNBC that he expects the next six months to be an unusually productive time in Congress.

Said Schumer: "My prediction: The next sixth months will be more like the lame-duck, where there was a lot of productivity, than like the previous two years, when there was a lot of dart-throwing."

If he's right, then according to him, the GOP will, in effect, help re-elect President Obama. Color me skeptical.

  • kansasdem

    I suspect the keyword over the next several months will be "austerity". I hope I'm wrong but I expect Obama to adopt the idea of cutting federal employee pensions, Social Security, and almost every tiny piece of the social safety net left ATM.

    Again, I hope I'm wrong, but during the 2008 campaign only GOP candidates even talked about a payroll tax holiday. Such a thought was solidly rejected by Dems across the board!

    But Obama just agreed to such a cut and a year from now, if it's not extended, it'll be seen as a tax increase. Also consider that Obama just took his first austerity measure by freezing fed employee pay.

    Every time I bring this up at Cesca's I'm told that I've gone totally "firebagger" which I personally find offensive. I don't agree with any one ideology 100% and I think that's true for most of us.

    I do however think that we need to be contacting the administration and asking what their intentions are regarding austerity measures. How can that hurt?

  • Everything is energy - The optimist may well live longer and better and experience more happiness than the pessimist. I think their vision is better, too and they give the Law of Attraction a much better opportunity to work in their favor.