Filibuster Reform Watch- Harkin: "There could be some fireworks on January 5th."


(via the Rachel Maddow Show)

Fireworks? In January? When it comes to changing the filibuster rules-- and hopefully some of that increasingly frustrating GOP obstruction (see chart)-- the answer is a resounding yes:

"There could be some fireworks. There could be some fireworks on January fifth," Harkin said at a pro-reform event sponsored by several like-minded organizations. "I'm going to be there. I'm armed. I'm armed with a lot of history, and I know the rules, and I know the procedures too, so we will see what happens on the fifth."

"[Former Sen.] Robert Byrd in 1975, the last time that last time that we changed the rules and [brought the filibuster threshold] from 67 [votes] down to 60, actually stated on the floor that a majority, 51 senators, could change the rules. And that's what we intend to do and that is what we are working on right now. We are coming on the fifth to basically send a motion to the vice president ... that will change the rules and there is a procedure to provide 51 votes to do that. Robert Byrd said that in 1975 and that's what we are going to try to do." [...]

Harkin hinted that the GOP is looking to cut a deal with Democrats in an effort to ensure that anything they pushed was not too far-reaching.

Screeeeeching halt. Did I just read that correctly? The GOP wants to c-- com--- cooommmpro--  compromise?

Tell you what, Republicans... when you start, we'll consider it. For a split second. Maybe.

Harkin wants to put an end to minority rule in the worst way:

... Harkin seemed uninterested in incremental changes. And while there may not even be 51 votes to change the rules, let alone any Republicans willing to compromise, Harkin insisted he wouldn't settle for reforms that still allowed the minority party to bring the legislative process to a halt.

Mark your calendars.