VIDEO: First Boehner cries, now Mitch McConnell--sniffle!--chokes up


When Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton teared up, they heard about it 24/7. If Harry Reid were to blubber (well, to be fair, if he'd ever change expression it would be a miracle) the way Boehner does, he'd be skewered for months.

But you know the old saying, it's okay if you're a Republican:

“Now to say that I tried to convince Judd to stay is an understatement.  But he knew it was his time to move on, and to write the next chapter in his life..." Blahblahblah, sniffle, snuffle, snaffle, blah.

  • Anonymous

    It's always justifiable to the person who commits the abuses. They are always justified in their own minds. They are the one who has suffered. (See Mork's Medical Dictionary under "Sarah Palin" for characteristics of abuser as professional victim

  • Cuturn

    I'm going to have to invest in Vick's vapor rub if the GOP is going to keep going on like this. Sales are going to sky rocket as they all use beckistan's trick.