Secret pledge by the UK to protect US at Iraq inquiry: "This shows is the beginning of the cover-up".


Tony Blair and other senior British officials were called to give evidence at the Chilcot inquiry, but no US officials were called. Photograph: PA

Wikileaks may have uncovered something of a bombshell:

The British government promised to protect America's interests during the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war, according to a secret cable sent from the US embassy in London.

Jon Day, the Ministry of Defence's director general for security policy, told US under-secretary of state Ellen Tauscher that the UK had "put measures in place to protect your interests during the UK inquiry into the causes of the Iraq war". [...]

Andrew Burgin, a spokesman for the Stop the War Coalition, was reported as saying: "This shows is the beginning of the cover-up".

"This really brings the whole inquiry into disrepute," he said. "Those involved in this cover-up must be held to account. The implications are so serious that there may need to be a new inquiry."

One day, some how, some way, enough documented truth about BushCo's fraudulent war will be exposed, which might finally lead to legal action. I am not ready to give up on that notion.

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H/t: Greg Mitchell