Dawn Johnsen believed Senate had the necessary 60 votes to confirm. So what happened?


Remember Dawn Johnsen? She was called “the woman who could nail Bush” and was nominated to head the Office of Legal Counsel, but was blocked by the GOP, because she could shine light on the atrocities that defined BushCo:

...Johnsen has said she believes the biggest issue for her detractors was her sharp and definitive repudiation of memos written by President George W. Bush’s OLC that gave the president tacit approval to use torture methods in interrogating foreign combatants.

And then she finally withdrew.

Now, this past week, Dawn Johnsen said she believed that the Senate actually had the 60 votes she needed to be confirmed. So what was the problem?

Johnsen said on Friday that she and others believed at various times that the Senate had the necessary 60 votes to win confirmation but the president’s busy agenda often seemed to get in the way. Several times, she said, she was told a vote might come at the end of the week, or the end of the next week. But her nomination never was called to the Senate floor.

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“I would have welcomed a recess appointment."

So would many of us.

Regarding Don't Ask, Don't Tell:

[S]he supports the president’s legal actions to defend the law, even though she disagrees with it, because the president’s job is to defend the laws of the land.

As for the Party of No and their incessant obstructionism:

She decried the “silence and inaction forced upon nominees” who are not allowed to comment, and said the net effect is to muzzle people who by virtue of their nominations alone are leaders in their given areas.

“I think it’s an underappreciated cost of this system breakdown. All those judicial nominees out there for months and months. They cannot do their work and speak out on issues. This is a group of people who ordinarily are very politically active and key players in making policy and setting direction, and this is a way for elected officials who are known to be obstructionists to stop these people for long periods of time to be able to participate.”

As I said after she withdrew back in April, Merry Blockmas.

H/t: Jason Leopold

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