Report: Willow Palin may have another scandal on her hands


I posted previously about Willow's homophobic Facebook slurs, for which her sister Bristol has apologized.

However, today there is a report of new revelations , the type  I tend to shy away from. They consist of teen hearsay, yet if true, illustrate, once again, how the "family values" Palin image is tarnished by hypocrisy, irresponsibility, and scandal.

If false, then Willow has been unfairly smeared.

So, rather than divulge the details, I'll provide the link and you can decide for yourselves whether to read on or ignore it completely.

Willow is sixteen. She's old enough to drive a car. The Palins have no qualms about putting her on display, whether on a fake reality show, in books, or on stage at political and non-political events.  Therefore, they have exposed her to fans and hateful critics alike.

I am neither.

H/t: HnstyNgov, Knishette