Video- Fox's Briggs: In describing Obama as "brilliant," is Biden saying that "most of the American public is stupid?"



  • Westernsmith1215

    Fox Non news and all the other right wing extremists- the lying agenda is to paint the President as foreign, not successful, different from us, failing. They always deliver this like the worst town gossip at the fence. This hurts our Country more than anything, but they don't care because it is Murdoch/Koch etc first (they have their money all over the world and they just want profit). Gently explain to everyone you meet (and know) how damaging Fox Non new is and tell people to stand against them if they love our Country,

  • Anonymous

    "most of the american public stupid?"
    a venn diagram of stupid american people and faux news viewers would be almost superimposed.

  • Just more unwarranted "either/or" mentality. Why does everything have to be "either/or"? Why can't Obama be brilliant and most of the American public be of at least average intelligence? Oh, right. Fox.

  • Turtlelovenurse

    I would have missed this because I don't like FoxNews yuppies and I don't watch this slanted Racist Station that adds nothing intellectual to the conversation! .....Dovescorner on Twitter