Thursday Links


Only ones of the R shows I watch are Modern Family & V, and I don't watch most of the D shows. Does that make me a bad Democrat?

Republicans Prefer Family, Democrats Prefer Murder'

Scientists have created a ‘Mighty Mouse’ that retains its enhanced muscle bulk as it ages

18 dirty words that shouldn't be said on TV.

Philatelic fantastic: Eccentric aristocrat's amazing stamp collection set to fetch £3m

Rules in Arizona restroom: don't drink from toilets

Suspect had mouse in rectum

Newly expanded museum chronicles American Jewish history

Cheer up, we were all born to laugh: Chuckling is instinctive but crying is learned

Tina Fey thanks Palin for her success

The 'poop snooper': Angry father-of-two sets up secret cameras to catch dog owners who don't clean up their mess

Foods that will bust stress, not your waistband

Influence of drugs on art and culture exhibition opens

25 Classic TV Title Sequences

Bush cricket testicle size clue to promiscuous mating

The world's highest-flying paper plane: British team send homemade aircraft to the edge of space before it flies back to Earth

First-Ever Sex Toy Drive-Through Opens in Alabama

  • Luci

    I watch shows on both sides. so does that make me an independent ?