VIDEO-BLUNT: Rally to Restore Sanity


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A very special thank you to my dear friend, the very dedicated and talented videographer, Lucian Dixon.


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    So David...

    We cant just say "My way or the highway" huh?

    You sure didnt show that attitude during the beck rally. Nice going, hypocrite.

  • Way to go Lucian & Laffy! I wasn't expecting this to be up so fast, I remember recording my blunt in my PJ's just yesterday! Being Lucian's rally roomie, I was right there when many of these were filmed and got to meet many of the people involved. (I also know who wouldn't record... But I don't name and shame :p)

  • What a fantastic video. I love that I've actually been able to meet most of the people involved. All that was missing was, Lucian, the master of filming. Great job and keep doing what you do!!!

  • How come nobody interviewed me on camera?