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Frank Rich: The G.O.Plot Against the Tea Party


Frank Rich:

One dirty little secret of the 2010 election is that it won’t be a political tragedy for Democrats if a Tea Party icon like Sharron Angle or Joe Miller ends up in the United States Senate. [...] What’s not so secret is that some Republicans will be just as happy if some of these characters lose, and for the same reason.

...The Tea Party’s hopes for actually effecting change in Washington will start being dashed the morning after. The ordinary Americans in this movement lack the numbers and financial clout to muscle their way into the back rooms of Republican power no matter how well their candidates perform. [...] The main dining room remains reserved for Koch’s fellow oil barons, Lott’s clients, the corporate contributors (known and anonymous) to groups like Rove’s American Crossroads [...]

What the Tea Party ostensibly wants most — less government spending and smaller federal deficits — is not remotely happening on the country club G.O.P.’s watch. [...] For sure, the Republican elites found the Tea Party invaluable on the way to this Election Day. [...] What made the Tea Party most useful was that its loud populist message gave the G.O.P. just the cover it needed both to camouflage its corporate patrons and to rebrand itself as a party miraculously antithetical to the despised G.O.P. that gave us George W. Bush and record deficits only yesterday. [...]

[T]he Republican establishment’s panacea of tax cuts [will prove] ineffectual at creating jobs, saving homes and cutting deficits [...] The tempest, however, will not be contained within the tiny Tea Party but will instead overrun the Republican Party itself, where Palin, with Murdoch and Beck at her back, waits in the wings to “take back America” not just from Obama but from the G.O.P. country club elites now mocking her. By then — after another two years of political gridlock and economic sclerosis — the equally disillusioned right and left may have a showdown that makes this election year look as benign as Woodstock.

That is edited down drastically. Please read the whole thing here.


Joe Miller thought Alaskan GOP party chair was plotting to kill him.


Joe Miller has already admitted he’s a liar. Joe Miller has also shown himself to be anti-First Amendment, relying on unlicensed militia thugs for “security”. Nor does he mind bowling over 8-year-old children to make a quick getaway to avoid the press… when he’s not barring the press completely, that is. Or failing to report houses he owns or controls.

And now, please join me in watching the next episode of "Read the Documents":

Miller was caught using three of his co-workers' computers to pad a political poll on his personal website. After the incident, Miller, who at first lied about the computer usage, was placed on leave for about two weeks, followed by a three-day suspension without pay and six months probation.

And, as you can read in the documents, Joe got really stressed out. So stressed that he started freaking out about his own personal safety.

From the Dep't. of What Next, Paranoia Joe?

In interviews Friday with Alaska Dispatch, Miller's former co-workers in the Fairbanks borough's legal department said the Senate candidate was paranoid, acting strangely in the days leading up to the computer polling incident and the state GOP convention in spring 2008, including telling them about plots against his life, computer hijacking, a bug in his office, and requesting that the mayor hire a security detail to protect Miller. [...]  -- actions they summed up as "bizarre." [...]

The Alaska Republican Party was out to get him, Miller told them, and he warned them to be careful about what they did on their computers. Miller claimed a public records request was in the works aimed at scrutinizing employees' computer use, adding that, if granted, he feared it might reveal child pornography on his computer. If any inappropriate material was found on his computer, [...] Yet, there is no evidence that the prospect of illicit materials existed anywhere but in Miller's fears. [...]

And he believed there was a murder plot under way to kill him and then-Gov. Sarah Palin, who at the time also was trying to persuade her fellow Republicans to dump Randy Ruedrich as the party chairman.

Please read the rest here. There is no way this paranoid, lying, bullying bundle of nerves should ever hold office. Anywhere. Any time.

H/t: cbn2


VIDEO: Grayson Supporter Assaulted as Webster Talks of "Positive" Campaign


Norwood has the rest over at DKos, including this:

As Taliban Dan begins to speak, O'Donoghue approaches a supporter of Alan Grayson and rips a sign from the Grayson supporter's hands.

Taliban Dan is heard to be speaking of a "positive" campaign during the scuffle.

As Bill Maher said on Real Time the other night, for violence, look to the Republican party. They're right there with their Second Amendment remedies and head stomping. This is just one more example of their hostile, unAmerican approach to politics.


Video Mid Day Distraction- Poe's "Raven," performed by Star Trek's Q