Racketeering Complaint Filed Against Karl Rove & Tom Donohue's Elections Operations


The other day, I posted that Karl Rove was served with a subpoena. Of course, he'll just ignore it, citing felon's privilege or some such excuse.

But an Ohio election attorney filed a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission against The Partnership for Ohio's Future. Who are they? They're an Ohio Chamber of Commerce affiliate.

And this is why I choose to keep the dream alive:

The complaint asks the Election Commission to find that there is probable cause to believe that secret money given to the Partnership is an in kind donation to candidates running for office. Arnebeck attests that he has "...a confidential source who personally witnessed Karl Rove and Tom Donohue coordinating their activities to determine the outcome of a state Supreme Court election." Such coordination is illegal under state and federal election laws. [...]

If the Commission grants Arnebeck's probable cause request, it would open Mr. Rove, Mr. Donohue and the Chamber of Commerce to widespread discovery that could lead to criminal prosecution based on charges of racketeering, money laundering and conspiracy. Coordinated activities between partisan candidates and groups like the Chamber of Commerce's Partnership for Ohio's Future and Rove's American Crossroads are illegal. The complaint also alleges that money contributed to Chamber operations that were used in elections came from foreign corporations, which violates federal law. The filing with the Ohio Election Commission is a critical step in testing the legalities of these coordinated efforts.

The hearing is Monday, November 1st.

There are "ifs" in there, and this is only a first step, but my inner "weeee!" has been activated.

More here.