CBS, CNN capture video of Ohio attorney subpoena served on Karl Rove


Guess what CNN and CBS caught on camera? No, not another assault of a young liberal woman, and no, not Christine O'Donnell casting a spell over Bil Maher. Uh-uh. Even better:

A federal subpoena, issued by Ohio attorney Cliff Arnebeck and sanctioned by the Office of Ohio Secretary of State, was served last Sunday in Washington to Karl Rove on his way to an appearance on the CBS news program Face the Nation. [...]

In an article written by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman and published at, the federal subpoena orders Rove to testify in deposition about his role in the alleged theft of the 2004 election, and to discuss his orchestration of tens of millions of corporate/billionaire dollars in this year's General Elections on November 2.

The minute I find the video, it will be posted. Well, right after I open some Champagne.

H/t: jamieharbor