VIDEO: Rodney Glassman: "We can send a Progressive candidate to Washington D.C."


My pal Larry Halstead produced this video. We need to say good-bye to McCain, once and for all:


Rodney Glassman is the Democrat Nominee running for the U.S. Senate from the State of Arizona against the incumbent John McCain. Real World Politics caught up with Rodney at the 2010 Netroots Nation Convention in Las Vegas where we filmed this ShoutOut to the Progressive Community.

  • free_thinker

    have the complete service records of McBush released... he fought hard to keep those from our eyes. because hes not the war hero he makes himself out to be... he cooperated with the north vietnamese while he was captive... he made propaganda films for them... how well do you think that would play on fox "news"?

  • Who said "Democrat"? What'd I miss?

  • Rod

    are we falling into the republican way of saying "democratic" by calling Mr. Glassman the "Democrat" nominee?

    wouldn't it better be written as "Democrat's nominee" or the "Democratic nominee"? It's the Democratic Party after all so shouldn't nominees be referred to as Democratic nominee.

    This may be picky but we already fall into republican framing way too easily.

  • vic

    IMHO - The video was fine until the 'old jerk' part. Falling in the 'old' category myself, I admit that that last bit was jarring (and unnecessarily disrespectful). Yes, I know that McC is a jerk, but I still want to preserve the myth of respect for old people - in a general sense.

  • kimbutgar

    I just got back from Arizona visiting my Mother in law. The newspaper is so pro-republican you want to puke. I would love to see Rodney win. But there are so many old people who vote for McCain and anti Obama forces who are fox brainwashed it will be an uphill battle for Mr. Glassman. That said, I hope he wins anyway. Arizona needs someone who will stand up for the people and not corporations in Arizona. The "right to work" state is not employee friendly. I have never seen so many unhappy older workers while I was there. Glad to be back in "left leaning" California.

  • Kim

    Larry did a great job on this video. thanks for spreading the word Laffy. Arizona thanks you! <3