Commenter: "Tim Profitt is the 'victim' here"


I'd like to show you a comment that's under the post, PhotOh! Rand Pauler who stomped on the woman’s head served with summons.

At first, I thought it was one of our regulars kidding around.  Who are these people?

holyreality wrote:

Tim Profitt is the "victim" here, it's his constitutional right to pursue happiness being violated.
The angry white men have had it up to here^, and now it is time to take OUR (AWM)country back.

With any luck, he will become a martyr for Sarah, getting more AWM vote out across the nation.

What exactly does "it's his constitutional right to pursue happiness being violated" mean?

And pray tell, back from what do these "angry white men" want to take the country?  And why does the commenter refer only to white men?

I love how the people who carry around signs that read "Don't tread on me" don't mind treading-- stomping-- all over a woman who did nothing that warranted violence. Nothing.

Maybe the author of that comment needs to review this post. He might learn something about the consequences of his little uprising... if that's even possible.

UPDATE: If, indeed, the comment was done as a joke, it might have been better to make it more obvious.  If not, I stand by the post.  My remarks still apply to those who have said similar things under a YouTube post of mine. I had to disallow comments, it was that bad.

  • MamaMassage

    Aw come on. Have some pity. He is clearly a victim of his personal shortcomings. The rest of us can only imagine having to live a life in which a grown man finds it necessary to attack a unarmed woman being held down by four other large men. They are obviously all trying to cover how much it hurts when TeaBagger women say "man up" and they can't. Its obvious what the AWM have to be angry about - a very small measure. How they must suffer just makes me sad.

  • Dr. Rand Paul has hired thug take care of his "light work".

  • Marnie

    Remember when Ken the hammer Delay's brown shirts showed up in Florida to help with overseeing the recount?

    They chased on guy who they falsely claimed was carrying a ballot out of the room where the count was being done. cornered the poor guy and were about to tear him to shreds before hey were stopped, I think by cops.

    Expect much much more of this.

  • Jim the Greek

    I've seen this situtation before. Someone who is on the ground helpless and an agry person who sees an easy kill. He stomped on her head once before someone yells out "no no no no" then he realizes what hes doing and who is watching. Taking a jab at a person who is totally restrained and unable to fight back is cowardice, when its a large man doing ti to a small woman ... well those are the people who get raped in prison, the low of the low.

  • Molitor

    Cut 'em some slack.

    The Boston Tea Party was an act of protest by a bunch of non-American immigrants before the U.S. Constitution even existed, so it's hardly fair to expect members of the Tea Party to know what's actually in it.

    You would expect them to have a better grasp of acts of symbolic protest, however.

  • sauerkraut

    He's the guy who help Rand Paul out of the vehicle... turned around and stuck his boot on the woman; that means Rand Paul must have been aware of what was happening while it was happening yet rendered no medical aid to someone who needed it.

    regards -


  • It may be in poor taste, but ... we now have a better understanding of the Teabagger motto ...