Quickie- Rep. Peter DeFazio: "I'm investigating articles of impeachment against Justice Roberts"


Today's Quickie:

Standing O:

"I mean, the Supreme Court has done a tremendous disservice to the United States of America," Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) told The Huffington Post on Tuesday. "They have done more to undermine our democracy with their Citizens United decision than all of the Republican operatives in the world in this campaign. They've opened the floodgates, and personally, I'm investigating articles of impeachment against Justice Roberts for perjuring during his Senate hearings, where he said he wouldn't be a judicial activist, and he wouldn't overturn precedents."

Here comes the inevitable However:

"This is neither well-advised nor plausible," said Geoffrey R. Stone, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. "Nominees may not perjure themselves, of course, but nothing in Roberts' testimony along these lines can fairly be characterized as perjury.

I think DeFazio should go for a twofer. How about throwing in ol' Clarence "Loves Me the Porn" Thomas for good measure? Because I could have sworn he perjured himself at the Anita Hill hearings.

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  • Ohh, now, Kguerra25, you didn't read our guidelines. We don't bait here, and using little labels and right wing name-calling talking points are a no-no.

    That gets you deleted.

    When you can play nicely and not call Dems names, you can come back.

  • Kguerra25

    Let's impeach Defazio and Obama while we're at it, and the rest of the marxists in Washington. Let's not forget Charlie Rangel, Waters and Geithner for cheating and not paying taxes.

    And let's impeach the MSM for not reporting that Palin's church was burned down while people were inside, and failing to report the global warming fraudsters were caught red-handed, and that European socialism has completely collapsed and doesn't work either -- so American socialism is a huge waste of humanity too --- and all socialists will now have to stoop impeaching people they don't like and get a job and work for a living.

  • californiagirl500

    I meant "good"...

  • californiagirl500

    It will be ood for me if there are investigations that make the media and create some backlash.

  • NativeSonKY

    I agree Clarence Thomas should be doing time for perjury.

  • Tyroanee

    That's why I love, and vote for this man!

  • Marnie

    The impeachment that has grounds is Scalia.
    He announced his decision to a case before the court had even decided if it had jurisdiction, before arguments, facts and legal issues had been presented to the court adjudication.

    He said the "President" Bush's equal rights protections were threatened by the recount of legally cast votes. No mention that Gore had the same protections rights, or that voters have a right to have their ballots counted. Much less that Scalia was quoted as specifically stating that Bush was already "President Bush" and so announcing his decision before the case was even heard.

    That is a breach of about every judicial ethical standard you can think of. Yet Gore did not pursue it and not one spineless Democrat would follow up.

    That one should be a slam dunk.

  • Clancy

    This is a rather absurd election year pander. Claiming that something like Roberts' umpire statements could even remotely approach perjury is laughable on its face. I really like DeFazio, but this is silly. It's even sillier when one realizes that another Justice, Thomas very obviously perjured himself (in the purest definition of the term) at his confirmation hearing, and very possibly encouraged associates to do the same.

  • Nellcote

    How about impeaching Thomas for not recusing himself when his wife clearly profitted from CU?