Missouri Dems: Roy Blunt, a la Meg Whitman, hired illegal immigrant as houskeeper


eMeg has a fellow GOP hypocrite to commiserate with now, to be, er, Blunt about it:

The Missouri Democratic Party Tuesday released documents they said showed Rep. Roy Blunt tried to help an “illegal worker” in 1990, while he served as Secretary of State.

Tsk tsk tsk. When will they never learn?

The documents released Tuesday include a letter from Blunt, on state letterhead, asking then-INS Commissioner Gene McNary to address a case involving Dora Narvaez. Narvaez, the Blunt letter said, had “done some work” for Blunt’s wife at the time, Roseann.

“I believe her situation is properly expressed in her letter to Roseann,” Blunt wrote to McNary, a former St. Louis County Executive and a friend of Blunt’s. Narvaez’s letter was attached to the Blunt communication, Democrats said.

I decided that if the guy you know best at Immigration and Naturalization happens to be the person in charge, then it’s all right to direct your correspondence to him,” Blunt wrote.

Dora Narvaez said she was the Blunts' housekeeper for a few months back in 1990.

I hear Gloria Allred's already booked. Roy, you're on your own.

Big h/t to tauniaadams