Video- Chris Wallace hammers Carly Fiorina on spending cuts


Vid via Think Progress.

  • Ihatetheteaparty

    The Tea Party is a joke and will destroy the GOP in the upcoming election.

  • Executive4

    Fiorina refuses to answer the $4 Trillion dollar question. I don't need another $4 Trillion added to future taxes and anyone who can't answer that question is not getting my vote. She's an idiot and Wallace is a hero for pushing the point.

  • Luci

    Right. Starve the people who made this country great. Cut the safety net of senior citizens(social security). We are done with the old folks so lets starve them to death eh Wollering? I cannot abide people who like to use people up then cast them aside like a used paper towel. Hey Wollering! Our Seniors are not disposable!!!

  • Wollering

    Chris you are a real live jackass. We can turn this country around with good business decisions that get businesses back to hiring and thriving. and when you look at the type of waste that goes on in Washington and don't think there is plenty of opportunity to start cutting spending REALLY CUTTING WASTEFUL SPENDING maybe you are just like everyone else in Washington. Wasting a million here and a billion their doesn't really count. No you need to cut that social security check to really save the USA. We say lets share the pain Washington the little people will take pain when Washington starts to show us they mean business with their spending cuts. You tried to cut her down to size but I think you were the one cut down to size!!!!!!!!!!!!