Christine O'Donnell's ad man tries to explain "I am not a witch, I am you" spots


Christine O'Donnell's ad guy was the same genius who was behind Carly Fiorina's "Demon Sheep" ad. He can explain and rationalize all he wants, but his mission was not accomplished. The witch meme persisted:

"She was the butt of every joke, every late night comedian, " [Fred] Davis said of O'Donnell.

Sorry for interrupting, Fred, but pssst! She still is.

Please go on:

"And so with that in place, she's down 20 points in the polls, roughly, at that time. I don't see that you have a choice; you have to address it. Why ignore it completely?"

Fred might want to check out the latest post-debate reaction.

And by the way, when a Christine O'Donnell witch doll makes its way into the market place (yours for only $39.95!), it's time to admit ad remorse fail.

And what did the Covenator herself have to say about it?

"She said I'm so sick of the witch thing I'd like to put it behind me, and I said this is the way to put it behind you," Davis said.

Well, he got one buzz word right: Behind.