Video- Bill O’Reilly’s Heated Appearance on ‘The View.’ Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar Walk Off Set


  • Luci

    Actually I think Whoopi left, not in pique, but to console and retrieve Joy to bring her back to the couch. That is the way I read it. Joy took issue with Bill's condescending manner, treating her as someone who does not understand the issue and like he knew better than she what the issue is. One thing I have learned watching Whoopi is that she is stoic. She will be quiet and say little rather than storm off. I think ORielly is so condescending, he does not even recognize that he is..

  • holyreality

    Bill is such a major Dch-bag, of course the View gals helped Bill play the victim card. Whether they knew or not their gross negligence in allowing him to frame the issue in the FAUXNEWS lens by calling it a mosque instead of what it really is a Community Center.

    The View is nothing more than pap and propaganda. The ladies' lack of brains and savvy leaves Americans dumber for wasting time watching them.

  • gainesMI

    When I watched this I had a strong feeling that this was staged. Maybe not staged, but planned, by O'Reilly. He baited Joy and Whoopi, then watched as they became unhinged. Now he can go back to Faux and show how he was being misunderstood. The crazy libs twisted what he meant and painted him the bad guy...once again he's the "victim" just trying to be the voice of reason. I really, really dislike that man.