Did AK's Miller "inappropriately use public equipment to conduct partisan political business"? He won't say.


Alaska's candidate for U.S. Senate, Joe "Full of wind" Miller, is suddenly windless. Perhaps it's because he realizes what a hypocrite he is.

He's getting questions about his work at the Fairbanks North Star Borough. He's blaming the media for being tough on him. Isn't he presh?

Miller left the borough attorney’s office last August after seven years as a part-time assistant attorney. News organizations have pushed for more information regarding the reasons for his exit from the job. Documents raised questions about whether he inappropriately used public equipment to conduct partisan political business.


Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto late Sunday declined to answer a general question about whether Miller had used borough equipment for partisan political activity. And he declined to answer a specific question about whether Miller used borough equipment in an attempt to unseat Randy Ruedrich as Republican Party chairman in 2008. Miller, a regional Republican Party chairman at the time, was a vocal leader in the effort to remove Ruedrich.

You know who else wanted Ruedrich removed? Sarah Palin.

Last week:

“… if I make a mistake, I’m going to admit it... And I don’t care whether it’s on a position that I’ve taken or whether it’s a decision or an action that I took as a private citizen, I think that Alaskans are entitled to know."

Oh really?


Miller said he will no longer answer reporters’ questions about his background and personal life, citing the “viciousness” of the campaign.

I’m not going to answer them, I’m not,” he said of requests for personal information.

See how he admits mistakes? I guess Alaskans are no longer entitled to know anything further about him. If that's not THE perfect candidate to represent a small, transparent government for the people, by the people, I don't know who is.

Go, Tea Baggers, go!

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  • terise

    The Alaska Dispatch a local on-line newspaper has filed suit against the Fairbanks Borough, where Joe worked for his records. Why did he leave? Did he use municipal resources in his campaign to oust head of the Alaskan Republican Party last year?

    Joe had been saying that it was the Borough that wouldn't release his records for privacy reasons. The Borough Attorney now says that they would be happy to...if Joe would sign the releases they sent to him...

    Fun, fun.