"Best of all, Boxer was strident in her vote against going to war in Iraq."


Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor:

The Times chooses Boxer

Re "Boxer for U.S. Senate" Oct. 4

Thanks to The Times for your completely detailed endorsement of the reelection of Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Please watch the word "strident" in describing her unless you use it correctly. Strident is defined in the dictionary as "harsh in tone; loud; urgent."

Boxer has been stridently urgent in her career-long fight to protect California's environment. She has been stridently loud in the fight for women's reproductive choices. She has been strident in promoting civil rights for all Californians. She has been strident in trying to find fair answers to immigration dilemmas. She has been stridently urgent in giving veterans like me the help and respect we have earned.

Best of all, Boxer was strident in her vote against going to war in Iraq.


Your endorsement omitted one excellent example of Boxer's courage and good judgment: her vote against the use of force in Iraq in spite of tremendous pressure from the Bush administration.

If more had followed her example, we might have avoided the loss of thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives and the loss of a trillion dollars.


Hard to decide whom to vote for:

In the race for governor, Whitman, a billionaire who has rarely voted and has spent $140 million on this race, against Jerry Brown, the original frugal politician who has put in his time in state and local government.

In the Senate contest, Carly Fiorina, who took a huge payout from Hewlett-Packard after laying off tens of thousands of workers as she encouraged outsourcing jobs overseas, against Boxer, who has worked tirelessly in the Senate for California.

Sheesh, really, this takes a lot of thought …


I find it hypocritical and slightly amusing that Fiorina opposed the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court because Kagan was an "unknown quantity and lacked experience as a judge."

It is for this reason that I cannot vote for Fiorina: I find her an unknown quantity, and she lacks experience as a senator.