Whitman Trails Despite Spending $140 Million


Just disgusting. I'm taking a chance of sounding like my grandmother, but imagine the good that could have been done with that money. Via Taegan-

Meg Whitman (R) has now spent a record $140 million through the end of September to become California governor, according to the Sacramento Bee, but she's now running behind rival Jerry Brown (D) in most polls. In a new polling memo, Whitman's own pollster suggests the race is at best tied among likely voters.

First Read: "The race for governor has basically changed in a blink of an eye (in this case a week). For most of this cycle, Republicans have been bullish on Meg Whitman's chances -- due to her personal wealth, her business success at eBay, and her sophisticated (and expensive) campaign team. And she had a slight lead at summer's end. But in a political environment benefiting almost every Republican, Whitman now finds herself in serious trouble.... The biggest problem for Whitman -- beyond her handling of the housekeeper/nanny story -- is that she can no longer spend her way out of the hole."

  • californiagirl500

    You know what they say about money down the toilet..."Shit happens."