Does size matter?


For the past twenty-four hours, there have been nasty, abusive comments left here at TPC, stemming mostly from my post about an announcement that was made at the One Nation rally declaring that their crowd was larger than Glenn Beck's Restore Whatever event.

Before I continue, please note: We now have a "Guidelines" tab at the top of the page. Apparently, many RWNJs either can't read or choose to ignore them, even when I've linked them to the rules in Comments. Those who refuse to remain civil, insist on baiting, name-calling, sticking to nothing but talking points, or if they engage in the usual "socialist/commie/Marxist labels, those Commenters will  get deleted and/or banned.

But back to the issue at hand. While it is a visual indicator of enthusiasm and support, the size of a crowd isn't as important as the content, message, and tone of the event.

At One Nation, there wasn't a single Hitler sign; there was no message of hate; the diversity was apparent and contrasted with the Beck monochromatic-itude (hence, the nickname Whitestock); there was a distinct absence of overblown religious zealotry. Instead, we heard about education-- a lot about education-- putting America back to work, justice, equality, and bringing Americans together, not dividing them.

The contrast between the look and feel of the two rallies was painfully obvious. Beck supporters are telling us that his rally was all about love and god. That's probably true: their god. "Us" v. "them". But if it was all about love, if that's what his followers are telling us is the overriding theme, then why are the comments under my posts so hateful and nasty? Why do they want "to put [their] boot on the likes of" me? If that's their religion, then they better start questioning who and what they really believe in.

Issues are what matter, people matter, this country matters, lives matter. Size? It may matter some, but not where it really counts.