VIDEO: One Nation rally crowd size announcement


Here it is, for those who have been asking:

Via Mediaite

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  • JKE-Julian

    Was there any press coverage? I think I saw two news cameras and a couple reporters with microphones there. Judging from pictures of the Beck rally and the one picture I saw in my local newspaper of the One Nation rally I would say the One Nation rally was at least the same size if not larger at it's peak. I know the whole Pentagon parking lot was filled with buses when we went back to the parking lot to leave. People were still coming as we were leaving.

  • Yogislayer

    I actully what what 1,000, or 5,000 people "densely packed" and otherwise, looks like.

    I also examined the pictures very objectively and hunted down images of the 8/28 that were lighter that many of the ones that are shown.

    Having said that, the 8/28 crowd was 10 to 15 times as large as 10/2. There are more people in front of any jumbotron at 8/28 than in the entire image of the whole mall on 10/2.

    So if you want to say there were 30,000 or 200,000 there on 10/2, I don't care. Just multiply your number by 10 to 15 X's for 8/28.

    Sorry to burst your liberal bubbles fellas.

  • KC

    Exactly... of course buses were taken there... love the way they spin it... however we are talking about the buses being paid for by unions and other organizations to bus the people in... and then they provided them lunch and then they were pigs and left their trash all over the place...

  • KC

    Funny how you feel that you can sit there and say that as if you can prove it... Where as there is proof that emails were sent out to union and non union members offering bus transportation and a boxed lunch... NOTHING was provided for me... I paid for my bus fair, my hotel, my metro ticket and packed my own lunch...

  • KC

    Yea we saw the diversity signs... socialism and communism... now that is something to be proud of... I am sure that our founding fathers would feel that pride... sounds like the restore sanity will be a great comedy event... can't wait to see the diversity there.

  • That's cool. I suspect this dude is just a troll posting nonsense to make it sound like they did something in order to promo their big phat Beck rally. The whole pissing contest is unnecessary, honestly. OneNation could just say they had about a bazillion more ethnic groups there than Beck and that would work too. 🙂

  • We're investigating more fully.

    I will apologize without hesitation if I messed up.

    To be honest, I misread something.

    That is my own fault, but that is what happened.

  • FactCheckerz

    I should hope so. This is a very serious issue. Datanerd is probably a plant trying to discredit the findings by a large margin. I really think you should ask Nicole Sandler to issue a caveat about this on her show. This is very suspicious and all progressive bloggers need to be watching for the disinformation campaigns of the radical right.

  • Dear Datanerd,

    You are full of bullshit. That is all. You use jargon like it's cheap cologne but it means nothing, and you have no web presence to support your expertise. If you were legitimate, you would link back to a site, a photo, an explanation and photos of your specific technology and method.

    Posting a comment on a blog making statements NOW about the 8/28 rally, when your 8/28 "analysis" is nowhere to be found under the name "DigitalAnalyze".

    If you can't back it up, you're just planting bullshit on blogs.

    You owe Laffy an apology

  • Sorry, Of course.

  • FactCheckerz

    Please focus on what I am saying. I am not disputing Airphotoslive veracity. They are a fairly well known company. I am questioning who this "datanerd" is, who claims to be with a company called "Digtalanalyze" which does not seem to exist, and who is making assertions about APL's numbers which you quoted from his comment on the air. Wouldn't you want to validate such info, which might easily be disinformation by those trying to discredit claims made?

  • Fact,

    I linked to a post of mine that explains who they are, and quoted them. I

    believe, from their email addy, that they are legit.

  • FactCheckerz

    Who is your company, exactly? You have a lot of words here that anyone familiar with remote sensing could manage to write.But we cannot find any evidence of you, your DISQUS history, or any record of "DigitalAnalyze" at all. If your data is sound, why have you not forwarded this information to MSM sites. There is huge debate about this issue right now, and we would think your metrics would be invaluable to it. Why are they only being discussed here on a small blog? Are we missing something? With all the astroturfing today, merely saying it on a blog's comment thread is not sufficient to make it credible. Laffy just broadcast this info on a national radio program which may have traction and consequences. Whether accurate or not, the listeners should know the veracity of the source. What more can you tell us about you, this company that cannot be found, and its "study" please?

  • Suckit

    Live in Northern VA. Yes, was at BOTH rallies. Becks was much, much larger.

  • Lyn

    Go online and look at the air view of the Nation Rally and Restoring Honor Rally. Judge for yourself. Beck won. It look to be about 200,000 to 500,000


    Our company, DigitalAnalyze, does cell count, emulsion, SEM image and satellite / aerial image analysis. The controversy over's CBS numbers propted us to run multiple photo matrix calculations for both rallies. AirPhotosLive is principally invloved in image acquisition and site analysis (thermal, environmental, etc.) - they lack our proprietary state of the art density analysis software tools which have greater accuracy, ability to tune by sample and lower margin of error. Image digitizing, software variable programming, matrix/sector designation and resulting quantitative count/density analysis takes several hours to accurately perform. The anouncement at 2:14 couldn't be valid and was likely broadcast to drum up enthusiasm. The 8/28 rally, depending upon specific time, had between 84,000 and 146,000 (+/- 6,000). The 10/2 rally, depending upon specific time, had between 34,000 and 57,000 (+/- 2,000). One issue in accurate determination of counts at this venue centers on the tree-lines. More attendees cluster in these areas as opposed to open space (particularly in hot or sunny weather). Without the ability to tune/bias and matrix these areas accurately, counts can have unaccepatable variance. Regardles of result, both rallies had impressive attendance.

  • Lillyo69

    The green, socialist, communist, NAACP, La Raza, SEIU groups slung trash verbally and then slung trash on the ground...why didn't the Labor Unions clean up the trash if they are wanting to work for the Government! Those Lying Fascist Greenie Marxist Progressive PIGS! The crowd of No Nation Rally was 1/3 of Beck's Restoring Honor Rally.

  • Dodgergirl88

    This guy is delusional, as are all communists throughout the world.

  • Nope. Wrong.

    But you hang on to that.

  • Retsquid

    8/28 rally had anywhere from 300,000-1.6 million according to everyone (except CBS).

  • kathy fehl

    So, so true and important but it all comes down to some psychological disconnect. I am so floored by the obstinacy rather than dialogue as though this was all about sports; I can only conclude that there is a deep belief in those in the tea party and against unions and for the repubs nay saying etc. etc. that the rich are for them and want to take them home and cuddle them or something, and that people who aren't in their club are all waiting around to make big government and kill babies and take their guns and what I think the real hook is is the idea of Big Daddy. It's all about love for them, and just gut feelings about who's on their side, not, ironically, responsibility and working together with other responsible individuals. Sad.

  • Dem-once

    Yeah, I suppose there were more people on the mall than on the mall on 8/29/10. Too bad Beck's rally was held on 8/28/10. Nice try. When people figure out that you are promoting lies, they begin to wonder what other lies you promote.

  • RetSquid

    10-02-10 Soo many idiots bused in by, what, 400 liberal/socialist/communist sponsors?

  • notzombie

    Okay you mindless liberals, listen up. Aerial photographs taken when MLK spoke have estimates of 250k to 400k and have been accepted without dispute for decades, and Beck's crowd confirmed with aerial photographs show his was at least that size or larger. I've seen pictures of the Wrong Nation Working Together Rally and it appears the crowd size is just a deflated baloon compared to Becks. My, you liberals have such hatred for good values and the Constitution of our country, that your minds are distorted and even your eye sight is fuzzy.

  • Inderdulous

    Let's see the image.

  • Kietho

    just stumbled across this site, man the left sure is pulling out all the stops, lying about crowd sizes, having black idiots announce wrong dates, bussing in and paying people to attend, holding sickening signs....... goodbye left, it only took you 2 years to destroy your party for decades.

  • My rally is bigger than your rally--and we were all commies too! Nyah nyah nyah.

    What a ripe, steaming pile of bovine exhaust.

  • Toolsales1

    Hmmm, what is the name of that group that counts crowds for a living? The Beck rally never actually happened and the 10/2 rally had 327M. Every picture tells a story.

  • Jtcole

    OK "ilikewoods" You are obviously on medication that has blurred your vision. The "one nation" rally was an absolute bust. It was sparsely attended by three major union groups ( see all the t-shirts) and a spattering of socialist
    and communist leaning groups ( note all the signs). They left early and left a great deal of trash. I, as a conservative, independent; want absolutely nothing to do with any of the represented groups or their warped version of America.
    They do not represent in any way, shape or form any of the values that my great-grand parent, grand-parent and parents taught their children; nor do they represent those values that I and my wife taught our kids. They represent all that has been tried before and failed; to the detriment of the same social classes they claim to be fighting for.

  • drjrose

    I doubt the veracity of Mr. Madison's information pertaining to the crowd size estimates. It is 03:00 (AM) on 3 Oct and I still see no high altitude photography of yesterday's event available on the net. The Restoring Honor event panoramic photos were available on line before supper the same day. Should this incongruity not cause us to raise an eyebrow? Mr. Madison may have believed the information that he was apparently given, but I am a skeptic who has to see for himself.

  • drjrose

    moiraeve1 - True, but "can do" is not this same as "shold do". We should all strive to act according to the same standards that we set for others. Hypocrisy only serves to diminish her credibility and the value of her arguments. The right often points out how the left is all about free speech until the right says something that left does not like. Let us not fall into that trap. We need to choose civility.

  • unbiased

    After letting this all sink in for a few hours, I really don't think either the 8/28 or 10/2/10 rally accurately depict the sentiments of the majority of the US population. We sit at our computers and argue the size of the crowds and how much trash was left behind, but, alas, it will be a moot point once election day comes. Perhaps we will see a trend over the next few election days.

    Some of the right and left spin is actually comical. It reminds me of how, when I lived near San Francisco, CNN called my number for its survey questions on average 1x per month. I moved away, and my friends from CNN don't call anymore. (Not bashing the left here; I bet right wing organizations do the same data skewing!)

    Bottom line: Laugh off all the silliness. Do your own research. Meditate, pray, or whatever helps you process all the information. Then vote how you really believe you should vote.

  • Slimsequim

    F.U.B.A.R.....= the sad state of leftist thought. Listening to your "logic" and lies makes me wonder if we've all followed that White Rabbit down the rabbitt hole... and can't find a way out. Or we're in a real live Greek tragedy. Either way it's freakin' scary you are all so brain washed or insane ...or both. Please make an attempt to discover what is true and save yourself.

  • Frank

    LMAO.... Yeah he's right. Bigger crowd than 8/29. Restoring rally was on 8/28. We saw the pics. The dishonor rally today was a joke!

  • Every single rally on the Mall has people bussed in. Has to--can you see the traffic jam if everyone rode their cars or took a cab? I know you're trying to make a point, it just seems to me to be a ridiculous argument.

  • Perryredd

    Actually, both the U.S. Park Service and the Washington Metro Area Train Authority (WMATA) do crowd estimates. Quit faking. You attended neither rally--and only watch Fox.

  • Did you meet anyone attending the rally? How can you make a determination they are selfish? If people make an effort to come downtown on a Saturday, that shows they have a certain amount of commitment for a cause, does it not?

  • Perryredd

    Did you attend BOTH rallies? If not, then you're a liar perpetrating a fraud. I did. Stop posturing.

  • Perryredd

    It's funny how you cons say unions are "a cancer on America" when you support police--who cling to THEIR unions. You're all so contradictory and fake. Bet you won't advocate for the police to disband their unions!

  • It's her blog and I believe she can do what she wants.

  • They are terrified of unions, and at the same time, completely ignorant of them. They know nothing of the history of unions, the hard-won battles over working rights for all. They don't realize how many of the benefits and rights they enjoy today are due to unions.

  • Perryredd

    @caligrl-you're 100% on point; the Citizens United case helped further the ruin of political discourse...but what is right and best for the nation--not for corporations--will shine through. The only thing that can beat money, is people. Today, the people won...I was there.

  • Perryredd

    And what was the "variety" of Americans that attended the rally on the 28th of August? That defines "racist." Of course, race doesn't matter--but November 2nd will!

  • Ok, let me explain to you how it works. People pay dues, from their salary, to their union. Their union takes some of that money and hires buses to take them to an event they support. So each person IS spending their own money, although with economy of scale it is economical, and social, as well.

    Arguing about who is more real, more committed, is as much a bore as arguing about who's rally is bigger.

  • Carol

    Freedom wonks and other tea party non-organizations are being FUNDED by Koch Brothers

  • Perryredd

    Your friend lied to you.

  • Carol

    What a crock!!!! the ONLY people with an estimate over 100k is the crazies that were there and the minions

  • Carol

    Oh please, the people you know can't count that high

  • Carol

    You're a blind, deaf sheep....As a person living in a red state (not for long with we vote out Tricky Ricky) we are NOT solvent not by a long shot, the governors HIDE the truth about the budget every year and steal from the education department or services for the elderly to perpetrate the big lie.

    The majority of the red states education level is that of third world countries so they believe WHATEVER they are told, never questioning their so called leaders.

    The next time you troll on this site try some new lines, these are currently on other pages.

  • Your comment 'La Raza "the race" how racist!' is probably the stupidest, most ignorant thing I've read all year.

  • drjrose

    GottaLaff calls Firethemall et. al "trolls" in this posting. GottaLaff criticizes others for "name calling" in other postings. Does anyone else see the irony here?

  • Wildwanderer

    You chose the only estimate that was under 100k. All of the other estimates, even NBC's, are 300k+. Some go as high as 750k. The one you're quoting was commissioned by CBS and used a company who doesn't even offer crowd size estimates as one of their services.

  • gregatisus

    Dates are simply numbers, just like the crowd size estimates. Hope you have a great day,

  • drjrose

    I was at the 8/28 event and I believe the 500K number for it. There is a phenomenon called examiner bias. This is where the examiner lets their own bias influence the results. The 87K number and the 1M numbers are both examples of making the numbers fit the outcome you desire. Let's all wait for the pictures to come out and compare them side by side.

  • Paragraphs. Look it up.

  • drjrose

    I was on one of those 8-28 buses. We all paid our own money to ride 26 hours each way and spend two nights in a Holiday Inn. There is a HUGE difference between paying your own way and a union/organization paying your way.

  • Midoriliz

    you're an idiot.

    read some history.

  • drjrose

    GottaLaff accidentally sort of got it right. The "quality" (e.g. socialists, commies, big labor, etc.) and the "message" (e.g. soak the rich, redistribution of wealth, gimmie gimmie, etc.) spoke volumes. And where are the high altitude pictures so that we can all make up our own minds? The "9/29" attendance comparison "mistake" could just have easily been intentional as it is the only way to be truthful. I went to 8-28 and wanted to attend 10-2, but had to work.

  • Muffins310

    actually who cares, how childish is this anyway???

  • Gpwil3847

    Unions are a cancer on america, witness the rust belt where inferior american cars built by union labor fall apart. They were driven out of business by Japanese cars of superior quality. My Nissan has close to 200,000 miles on it everything still works. I will not purchase a car built by union labor, that strategy seems to have worked as the tumbleweeds blow through Detroit. Government Motors will not be saved, it is now a socialist plant where workers smoke pot and get drunk on their lunch breaks - tends to inspire confidence in the quality of the product. Unions cannot compete on the world market they have outpriced themselves. Now the Unions want the government to bail out their pension funds raided by union leadership to fund political campaigns like One Nation. What about the so called reading rooms where union members are paid to do nothing because they cannot be fired? We have no need of union leadership ripping us off, or telling workers they should only work at a certain pace. Why pay union dues to fund radical leftists who are destroying our country while ripping off our pension funds? I have never belonged to a union, and avoid products produced by unions. My father never belonged to a union either. I shop at Walmart and live in the south which is largely union free. There are millions of people with us who are prepared to fight for our country, secession may follow if we are pushed too far. Why are the red states more solvent than the blue states like California which is begging China for a bail out! Let them STARVE! I would not give a penny to them, they made their bed electing socialists so let them lie in it! - If we seceed you will sink under your own weight and come crawling back begging to reenter the United States of America. We will take pleasure ridding the country of you socialist vermin! Touche!

  • No, Me, I didn't have to think about it. Not at all. Time for you to play at

    some other Progressive blog now.

  • Me414

    There was no name calling in the comment you deleted. I guess it's ok for you to call me lazy, as you did below, though...that's not name calling when you do it, is it? Something you should think about.

  • You're done here.

  • Wow, these trolls are terrified of unions. Amazing, real middle class

    Americans set their hair on fire.

  • Dschoen2

    "The Founding Fathers (many of them Masons)"

    Freemason? Really? Aren’t the Freemason a Secret Society? And if it’s a Secret, how do you know about it? Humm?
    Benjamin Franklin, it is said, by those who believe, that he was a Freemason.

    Benjamin Franklin also said “Beer, proof god loves us”, does that not prove he’s a Christian? Or was he undercover? Hummmmm?

    Did you know
    That the Freemasons were involved in the JFK assassination.
    That Freemasonry is a Jewish front for world domination.
    That Freemasons are behind income taxes in the US.
    That Freemasons hold meetings with influential politicians and businessmen at Bohemian Grove and that a statue of an owl. (this is true, only its at the Pink Elephant bar, look it up)
    That Freemasons and the Illuminati also include the Knights Templar and the Jews as part of the supposed plan for universal control of society.

    That everything you see in movies on TV or read on the web may not be true?

  • Firethemall

    Let's see the aerial photo's! I watched this on C-Span for awhile, crowd looked bored to death.. Also why didn't they put the box lunch box in the trash on their way out instead of cramming them in monuments and fences and leaving them for someone else to pick up? I thought progressives were environmentalist.. As for his announcement, there is no way the bussed in union crowd was as big as the all volunteer crowd at Beck's rally.. But you can dream if you like.

  • Me, I'm not referring to comments like the one you just left. I guess it's hard for you to recognize what you're doing.

    When you see your comments deleted, you'll know why now.

    And no, I don't hit the "delete" button that easily at all, as you can see from the comments surrounding yours.

  • Me414

    You call me lazy and "I'm" the one name calling? That's funny.

  • Me414

    What name calling?

  • Me414

    There was no name calling in my last comment and I wouldn't call responding to your comment to me as "baiting". Sorry to see that you like to hit the delete button so easily, seems that you like to dish it out but can't stand having anyone give it back. What I said about the Socialist and Communist groups at the rally is a fact, there's plenty of pictures and videos showing them. That wasn't baiting, it was just a fact. And the trash that was left behind is a fact, too. On the other hand, the Beck rally goers left the mall in beautiful condition, all trash was thrown in the bins and bags next to the garbage cans. That's a fact...there are plenty of pictures and videos to show that, too. This isn't baiting, GottaLaff, it's the truth.

    That said, I think it would do you a lot of good to expand your news venues. Personally, I watch the news and commentary from both sides of the aisle and filter out the propaganda. MSNBC have crap ratings for a reason, no one is buying their bs anymore.

  • Nice try Dschoen.

    Righty sites have zero credibility, as do you.

  • ProudConservative

    I don't believe him!

    Where is the satellite photo?

    The "commies" Rally was a BIG FLOP!

    America wins again!

    November cometh -

  • Dschoen2

    GottaLaff, he made it a point to enunciate 8/29 very clearly.

    BTW, notice how the Satellite picture has not been posted?
    And how come no retraction or clarification?

    Even MSNBC won’t say more than a few thousand. Not 5K, 10K, 20K only a few thousand.

    And how exactly did they tie into a Surveillance Satellite to get a real time photo?
    Or did he misspeak about that as well? Generally speaking “real time” access to Surveillance Satellites AKA Spy Satellites is not allowed to the “general public”.

    Anyway have you seen the normal photos from the rally? Today’s rally? They had empty seats in the front rows!
    The crowd doesn’t make it past the first rows of trees!
    This site has the pix. Chicagonow under
    “Lefty Rally at Lincoln Memorial Gets Glad Handed By Old Media, But Event a Bust”
    And this site libertycentral under
    “Scenes from the One Nation Rally”

  • When you learn to comment without baiting and name calling, you're welcome to leave a comment. Until then, your comments will be deleted.

    I'm amazed how rude visitors are. Where were some of you people brought up?

  • Hey Me414: Apparently you are too lazy to read our guidelines. No name calling. See ya.

  • Me414

    You're spouting bogus talking points and you talking about me parroting? Ha! That's a laff, kiddo.

    I have to tell you, I have been enjoying the pics from that rally. All those Socialist and Commie signs...and the trash all over the place when all the SEIU losers jumped back on the buses they road in on. Class act, progressives!

  • Hey Me414, original stuff! You've just confirmed that you can't think for

    yourself. Now you're parroting ME!

  • Me414

    GottaLaff- Nice Obot talking points. Watch MSNBC much?

  • Dschoen2

    If you want to know for sure you could ask the unions they have the receipts these people were shipped in on busses by the different union organizations with who knows what perks.

    The crowd size picked up after the “Rent A Crowd” agencies got paid.
    You can tell the “Rent A Crowd” folks from the other cuz they wear the same colored shirts

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl

    Even English Al Jazzera is reporting it! b"Thousands of people have gathered in Washington DC for a rally to promote labour and civil rights, and to show support for the Democratic party's agenda.

    The demonstration, which brought together hundreds of mostly-liberal and progressive groups on Saturday, was held on the National Mall - the same site as a rally held by conservative Tea Party activists last month.
    A spokeswoman for the organisers estimated attendance at between 175,000 and 200,000 people, stretched from the Lincoln Memorial to the end of the National Mall's Reflecting Pool.

  • This was the actual count that they call 'official'. If that's too difficult

    for you to understand, then you go right ahead and make up your own numbers.

    Read the post. See who the pros are. Good god, you are simply laughable.

  • Math, not so much. It's official - 87K for Beck's rally. And rather have a union involved than corporate shills.

  • Based on the hilarious comments this may be one of my favorite blog posts ever.

  • That's great. So people made a couple of bucks off of you. I guess hatred pays.

  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme? You mean "gimme affordable healthcare"? "gimme fair wages"? Where's the "gimme"?

    Billionaires & GOP are the only ones saying "gimme". Like: Gimme more giant tax breaks! Gimme more war! Gimme more corporate personhood!

    So precious.

  • What was Glenn Beck's estimate? 500K'ish? Did it bother you that it was actually around 87K'ish?

    Maybe Michelle Bachmann's estimate was more suitable - at a million?

  • Astroterf... I think that says more than you realize.

    But to respond to your point -- Are you saying that pro-labor organizations and middle class citizens are somehow fake.... or rather "astroterf". Fake, as in corporate-sponsored? Fake, as in billionaire-funded? And a Fox-sponsored "keep your government hands off my medicare" event by the Tea Party groups are "legit"?

    And when minority groups are organized to repel against racist treatment, they are somehow "racist"?

    And your union comments are precious. Unions are democracies designed to protect jobs - in a place where democracy cannot exist without it. Employees cannot ask for fair wages if they don't know how much they should be asking for. Employers prefer unorganized labor so they can screw you over and not let you figure out how they're doing it.

    The GOP has brainwashed you into believing that those who are trying to help fellow citizens are instead trying to hurt you. Fear much?

  • Only a liberal values diversity of skin color over diversity of thought. This rally was about as monolithic as you can get, ideologically. It was a pathetic attempt to match the far more influential Tea Party in both size and influence. It was 0-2.

  • Smurf40

    your Nissan was built by Union Labor and universal health care The CEO's are'nt billionaires with private jets.........I left the south and hope you'll seceed soon
    The south is a drain on the Federal budget

  • There is no official count of any DC rally. I would say the Beck Rally was well over 100,000, and this one was much, much smaller.

    Failed try.

  • I just got off the phone from someone who was at this thing, any any number over 20,000 is ridiculous. The Glenn Beck rally was at least 5 times as large. The crowd today also left early, before all the speakers were finished.

    As an answer to Beck and the Tea Party, this was a failure. Perhaps Stewart will do better.

  • Jjsmith


  • I was watching this, I heard some geese fly over...was that God talking to me? 🙂

  • dynamo

    Wow are you paranoid. That is some crowd size conspiracy theory you have there skippy! They formally had the crowd space out like that......ROFLMAO ROFLMAO!! hahahahahahahahahaha Got your tin foil hats here.....

  • Dynamo

    Bullcrap!! Freedom Works and many other tea party organizations paid for buses full of people! LIAR

  • Dschoen2, he made a mistake on the date. Period.

  • Dschoen2

    He's telling the truth! However I'm not sure what his point is?
    Help me out here. Beck’s rally was on 8/28/10
    This guy just said there were more people in the mall today than there was on 8/29/10,
    or 1 day AFTER Beck’s rally.

    I'm sure that's true, but what’s the point?

    I'm sure there were more people on the mall today than there will be tomorrow, but again what’s the point here?
    It’s a bizarre statement to make.

    Who would be stupid enough not to notice that? Are the left really that dumb?

  • Gpwil, again, nice talking points. Watch Fox much?

  • Gpwil3847

    Read the original sources you are wrong! You cannot rely on leftist revisionist historians.

  • Good parrot, Gpwil. Good parrot.

  • Gpwil3847

    One nation rally was the ultimate in astroterf, 800 radical leftist organizations including the SDS, La Raza "the race" how racist! and the NAACP another group of racists, The Socialists and the American Communist Party, not to for get workers of the world unite SEIU, AFL-CIO who met with socialist european unions about doing just that as they seek to shift the wealth of the United States to the third world while changing in our homes for open air bungalos and out houses, brick ovens the new eco friendly kitchen. Beck even had one of these organizationa on tape answering the question were his union members attendence mandatory or did the want to come - the answer - mandatory attendance. Further the crowd at one nation was dispersed in an attempt to appear the same size as the beck rally where people from all over the United States arranged their own transportation and went of their own volition our of patriotism for this country and not to tear it down because they hate everything America stands for - America Love It or Leave it is our slogan, good yesterday and still good today!

  • St_gulik

    You mean by the Koch Brothers who paid for the vast majority of all the expenses for the rally, including the buses? Yeah.

  • Not the GOP and not the Tea Party. They don't represent you. But keep voting against your own self-interest buddy.

  • Commonsenseprevail

    those buses were paid for and arranged by the people riding in them from as far away as California! I was there...and met many who rode an entire day in those buses - attended the rally and got back on the bus to get back home because they had to go to work!

  • Gosh you're clever TeaPartyPatriot. Keep changing your name, or have a friend post for you. Trouble is, we ban, you don't. See ya.

  • TeaPartyPatriot

    Traitor Liberal are dwindling in number. There was no free hand outs so they stayed home.


  • ilikewoods

    there was no Half a million Beckanese at that rally. What are you smoking! The crowds there were no way as close as the crowds for Marin King and the NPS counted in those days and put the "I Have A Dream Rally" as 250,000. Hoinestly get away from fox news if you wish to know the truth!!!!

  • unbiased

    Of course there are more there than there were on the 29th of August. Oh, by the way, 8-28 happened on the 28th of August.

  • ilikewoods

    When King spoke the national Park service said that 250,000 people participated( thats when the park still counted then)! Glen Becks crowd was far far fewer then that, with me looking at the pictures of those times to Becks rally. This crowd from the photos I have seen from the One nation rally are as large if not larger then Becks!

    And no one from the rally today, has been told which buses and subways to take to stay away from the Minorities in Washington DC, because we are not worried about the color of skin like Beck's Whitestock was! 😛

  • No, the man, that's wrong.

    That's the official count. Nice try.

  • Theman

    Maybe 50k

  • Theman

    I was at the Glenn Beck Rally, I would have estimated 800k they settled for 500k as the official number. This rally might have had 30k at its peak lets say 50k for kicks. If you want to know for sure you could ask the unions they have the receipts these people were shipped in on busses by the different union organizations with who knows what perks. It is a sad commentary, just imagine how many people would have been here if they had to spend their own money. We had two bus loads of people from Oklahoma alone, each person paid over $300 per person out of our own pocket. So I ask you which one is "Astro Turf" and which one represents the average Hard Working American.

  • Wintergreen

    Does size matter? What matters is that Glen Beck's rally attracted just one part of our One Humanity while One Nation Rally understands that we are all One and must come together to work and live in some sort of harmony. Glenn seems to have mislaid his history lessons. The Founding Fathers (many of them Masons) wanted freedom from religious domination. They were 'liberated' men who brought the Enlightenment Principle to this incredible country while honoring personal religious choices. The US is a country based on our One Humanity ... with all it's hiccups to get there. PS. Join Oct 30 Rallies: Restore Sanity or Keep Fear Alive. Either way, let's enlighten-up

  • Htwtrman

    Bullshit "no one bussed you in." I was in the parking lot of my local Walmart the day before the 8/28 rally and there were twelve HUGE buses in the parking lot loading 'em up.

  • Greg9412

    "No one "bussed" us in, we paid our own way "

    Don't tell the Koch Brothers. They'll wonder what happened to all that money they spent on buses for 8/28.

  • k l m

    Sorry, Doll. The head count was more like 87,000 per flyovers by a group that counts crowds for a living.

  • PowerOfOne

    The "quality" of the people??? You've got to be kidding - it was the "gimme gimme gimme" crowd. At 08.28 (not the 29th) the people stretched from the Viet Nam Wall across into the open field on the opposite side of the Reflecting Pool and from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial all the way down and up the hill to the Washington Monument - 500,000 to 650,000 hard working, honest Americans. No one "bussed" us in, we paid our own way - because that's what honest hard working Americans do. So you can keep your astro-turf union organized crowd - I'll take the real Americans anyday!

  • Yeah, he got the date wrong. That was amusing.

  • The Restoring Honor Rally on 8/28. No wonder there are more people there than on the 29th...

  • No numbers yet. But that's less important than the quality of the people and


  • Jaym

    Yeah, but...

    What's the number? Any clue? Ed was boasting 300k beforehand... It'll be used against him/liberals if we only managed 150. (As the Cons will say it was only 50k and they had 89 billion.)

    I'd like to know if we're talking 300k-ish, or 150k-ish. 150k isn't going to indicate the progressive majority in our nation as well.