Tea Partier to me: "Come November we put our boot on the likes of you."


I'd like to share a couple of remarks with you from someone in Comments who calls him/herself "True Patriot Tea Party". I took a screen grab and then banned them from Comments. It was under this post.

This is who the Tea Baggers are. Now compare this to what you're seeing on CSPAN, the messages One Nation is sending:

There's your "true patriot".

And this is typical of the kind of comments we get here at TPC, or on Twitter, every time the Tea Baggers feel threatened or competitive. They can deny it all they want, but the hostility coming from these extremists is real.

  • DamnedLiberal

    Hostility and hatred the teabaggers' raison d'etre.
    Those are the attributes used to summon them from the primordial slime by the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Coultergeist, Dick Armey et al. And they've all gotten rich from it. There's a lot of money to be made from hostility and hate. They think of it as "the capitalist model".

  • Here's the way I see the Tea Party. They have a strong, desperate wish for America to be thought of as good, decent, hardworking, honest, adhering to original tenets of Constitution. When evidence to the contrary appears and the lies ooze out (Iraq, torture, Wall St corruption, collapse of the economy, and the latest lie--all the oil in the Gulf has disappeared!) the cognitive dissonance that results makes them angry and confused. They're mad at the Government rather than Big Business b/c that's who Reagan and all the other GOP leaders since him have told them to be mad at. Not to mention, there's an entire industry of pundits who are happily employed to constantly stir the pot and keep them riled up.

  • Lion Blade

    For one to be known as a child of God, one must be a peacemaker.

  • tom factor

    Good point! Beck's rally was partly to sell a new Beck book! What was the new book One Nation was hawking? None, I hope!

    This rally was for Americans, by Americans, talking about the needs of Americans. All of 'em, not just the white Christian ones.

    Also, kudos to fundraising for a worthy cause. I just hope that after Palin's fee, the cost of the rally, and Beck's share there's at least a little left to actually, you know, GIVE to the cause. 🙂

    Also, too, thanks for not even touching what I said about the messages from the two rallies. Are you ashamed of Death Panels, Birth Certificates and Scary Mooslims?

  • Via nicole belle http://bit.ly/dhxOxc Here's Your Enthusiasm Gap:

    #OneNation Draws More Attendees Than Beck's

  • Dschoen2

    Good point! Beck’s rally raised $5.5 million for SOWF , $5 million on the day of the event!

    What was name of the charity the “One Nation” sponsored and how much did they raised? $5.6 million I hope!

  • tom factor

    what's more important should be the positive message from One Nation compared to the hateful confusion of any given tea party rally.

    Diversity, education, jobs, vs. scary mooslims, birth certificates, death panels

  • Jaym

    It always makes me laugh when someone dips into the "free speech" line on a website. I can't wait to get mine up and going - where I'm going to actively modify people's comments that are straight up right-wing propaganda- because as anyone knows, free speech does NOT apply on a website. You agree to their terms of use and if those terms say "I may change your comment to something entirely different", you must then abide by that, or not post.

    Anyways, this is just one more nail in the coffin of proof (which is now mostly nails, and a little oak) on the fact the right wing and teaparty have no moral high ground on any issues. The most clueless in our society can see where the hate, lies and vitriol comes from the Cons- just like we can see where the ideas, positivity, and solutions come from the Progressives.

  • juicyfruityy

    For these Tea-baggers to be so religious; all they seem to know how to do is threaten people. Their mouth is so foul and spew so much hatred. I'll be sure to stand at the gate entrance to hell, to make sure they all make it down there and bot the door.

  • Anon

    Today I saw pictures of normal lovely Americans at the One Nation Rally, not the ugly, bitter and twisted ones with tea bags around their hats, sauntering around with guns, did anyone see any guns today, we did not need them!
    I felt really proud of them all, wish I could have been there, if we keep the momentum going, lookout Grumpy Old Party.

  • Luci

    These are your "I hate everybody even me." crowd. They are miserable and they want everybody else miserable.

  • Tyroanee

    I'm just impressed the guy spelled November correctly.
    Oh and that he acknowledged you were a female, after all us Lib women have been labeled as dogs- so in jest he actually got two things right- well not really.
    But in the light or dark of day, this person wouldn't be worthy of licking the gum of my spiked heels.

  • I can't add anything to these excellent comments other than I'm glad you can handle these kind of situations because I'm not so good at it, and I hope everyone who comments here donates a buck or two (or 27) to your Autumn fundraiser, because that would be cool.

  • Bruce98665

    I don't know. Maybe it's me. But the sentence "You fuckin Liberal traitor bitch" really isn't endearing term that he thinks it is......

    I know, I know. I need to read between the lines. "You fuckin Liberal traitor bitch. Come November we put our boot on the likes of you." And see that he wants the best for everyone in this nation.

    Except for you know those of us on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Veterans Insurance or who belong to Unions, ACLU, ect. Or who want better and more regulations in food, banking, pharma, home loans, ect. Oh and anyone who isn't Christian can go screw themselves silly. And don't forget the rape and incest victims who they will force to have rapists babies.

    Yep, other than that he wants the best for everyone.......... who toes the line his kind will impose on all of us.

  • sick and tired

    All the rhetoric still does not change certain facts, for example, the "satellite photo" is not published yet, and we are just listening to a guy twisting words. "Somebody tell glenn beck that there are more people...than there was on the 29th"
    Once again, we are all lied to and misdirected. When the right does it, the left protests like crazy. When the left does it, the left defends the lie like crazy. C'mon now, let's all just open our eyes and try to find the truth somewhere in the middle.

  • Westernsmith1215

    This is the Republican/Teaparty; Hate, fear, no ideas and some more hate. Very UnAmerican. Thank you Laffy for helping our country. Stay strong, we are behind you!

  • JenniferInMO

    "Resort to threats"? They lead with them.

  • HarborGuy

    Oh my...BUT, Laffy and Paddy, I love it that you get rid of freaks (and their comments).

    If anyone wants to tussle with a real freak show, try comments on articles on Yahoo. Wow..I'm not sure if it's punks, freaks, kids, pervs or what...but 9 times out of 10, I can't even look the nasty/hate that is posted.

    But, just to piss off the freaks, I just posted something like..."Step aside RushThugs and T.Haters...Positive and Progressive Americans coming through!"

    ...the article was about the One Nation rally.

  • 42bkdodgr

    That's all teabaggers know how to do, say fearful and hateful things, just like the GOP.
    I can hear TruePatriotTeaParty's shinny jack boots clicking now.

  • Typical Tea Bagger tactics...resort to threats of violence when all else fails.

  • David R Velasquez

    And yet they throw words like 'freedom' and 'liberty' around like party confetti.

    Their sense of language subtext is steeped in irony, if not utterly Orwellian.

  • AndeeD

    I have no clue how deleting comments, or even more to the point, disagreeing with Tea party fools makes you or me a traitor. Traitor to what? You can only be a traitor to your own people, your own ideals. My ideals are the same ones I've had all along. I've done nothing to my country to label me a traitor either. Except live here, work here until laid off, try to raise a family here. Tired of the name-calling from the right. Tired of their craziness.

  • tom factor

    Teabagger Patriot has trouble distinguishing a blog from the government. Moran.

  • So let me get this straight: Obama's a Nazi, but Mr. Tea Party will "put his boot" on you because he's all about freedom?

  • Thank you Laffy for posting this - as you know, I have MANY people in my family who participate in these "Tea Party Rally's" and they INSIST that no one ever gets out of line. This is one more screen shot I can add to the pictures of signs I've been collecting