Interior Secretary Salazar Issues "Scientific Integrity" Order


Wow, this just tickles my tickley place. Imagine, respecting scientific findings instead of trying to bend them to fit Bush's your world view.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has issued an order directing the department and all its bureaus, including the National Park Service, to ensure the integrity of science conducted in those agencies. There also is a provision within the order to protect whistle blowers who believe the integrity is lacking.

The directive applies to both employees and political appointees.

Over the years there have been many questions raised over the integrity of government science, and reports of researchers being asked to slant their conclusions in one direction or another. Secretary Salazar is hopeful that his order will give the public more confidence in the science that goes into decision-making.

“The American people must have confidence that the Department of the Interior is basing its decisions on the best available science and that the scientific process is free of misconduct or improper influence,” Secretary Salazar said in prepared comments. “This policy clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all department employees, including career staff and political appointees, in upholding principles of scientific integrity and conduct.”