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Poll-itics: Obama v. Clinton, Obama wins


Is it 2012 already?

If Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were to challenge President Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2012, a new Gallup poll finds she would be defeated handily, 52% to 37%.


Meg Whitman Offers to Take Polygraph Test


Video via ABC News.

Let's see now... an undocumented immigrant puts a huge crimp in kajillionaire Meg Whitman's bought-and-paid-for campaign, and Meg blames Jerry Brown. The latest twist has allowed the SEIU to jump in and Whitman is now finally forced to divert from her well-prepared script and scramble around like, well, a persecuted undocumented immigrant.

Gloria Allred has added one more obstacle for the Whitman family to clear:

[A] letter she says the Social Security Administration sent to the Whitman family alerting them that the Social Security number the family provided for their housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz Santillan, did not match government records. [...]

[T]he copy of the April 22, 2003, letter produced by Allred had a handwritten note on it. It said, "Nicky please check this. Thanks." Diaz Santillan claims the handwriting is that of Whitman's husband, Griff Harsh.

Allred said that if Whitman and Harsh deny the handwriting is his, she is prepared to present evidence proving otherwise.

More on that note here.

And yet, eMeg has somehow found it within herself to pour on the love for her dearest bff Nicky, who is apparently a cherished part of the Whitman/Harsh (!) family. Um, Meg? Nicky says otherwise.

Wait. eMeg's husband is named Griff? I'm surprised the Palins hadn't snatched that one up. But that's not important now.

What is important is this, which should do wonders for eMeg's campaign:

Never a good sign: California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman (R) said she is prepared to take a polygraph test to prove that she was "really stunned" to learn just last year that her housekeeper was an undocumented worker, CNN reports.

Stay tuned.


Videos- President Obama's Backyard Town Halls in Des Moines and Richmond


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VIDEO: SEIU's ad jumps on Meg Whitman housekeeper story



Meg Whitman says she's a different kind of Republican…
But Pete Wilson is in charge of her campaign.
Whitman attacks undocumented workers to win votes, but an undocumented woman worked in her home for nine years.
She says she'll create jobs - but wants to eliminate forty-thousand state jobs, including teachers and nurses.
Whitman says one thing in Spanish --- and something different in English.
The real Meg Whitman has no shame.
She's a two-faced woman


Poll-itics: Joe Sestak within reach of Pat Toomey


A welcome whiff of promising Pennsylvania news:

Republican nominee Pat Toomey is leading Rep. Joe Sestak, the Democrat's nominee, 45 percent to 42 percent among likely voters in the Keystone State's race for Senate, according to a Susquehanna Polling and Research survey conducted for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Toomey's three-point lead falls within the margin of error.

Sweetener: The president fundraised for Sestak.


BP Disaster Watch: Levels of oil-linked carcinogens in Gulf of Mexico jumps


My wonderful source Hugh Kaufman, senior policy analyst with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, linked me to this new story. I almost wish he hadn't.

I've posted endlessly about how dangerous dispersants are, how little that has been reported, and how they dispersants be so easily absorbed into the food chain. Then what? What are the stomach churning (literally) effects? Someone please answer that very publicly, loudly, everywhere, because other than a few pieces on the Internets, and some good work by Keith Olbermann, I don't recall seeing anyone take this all that seriously.

What I have noticed is now that the well (that killed) has been killed, the story has been virtually eliminated from news broadcasts:

Oregon State University researchers said they’ve detected a troubling increase in concentrations of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, in some areas of the Gulf of Mexico contaminated by the oil that spewed from BP failed Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

In some samples, the levels increased by up to 40 percent from May to June. Subsequent sampling in August continued to show abnormally high levels of PAHs, similar to the 40-fold increase discovered earlier in the summer, said Kim Anderson, a professor of environmental and molecular toxicology in OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

The researchers suspect that chemical dispersants used during the oil spill, coupled with the ultraviolet exposure in the Gulf may have increased the formation of OPAHs beyond expected levels. Some of the chemicals detected are of great concern because they could easily enter the food chain.

Enjoy your shrimp scampi!


The mystery of Marco Rubio & healthcare lobbyist Amber Stoner, Part 2


No sooner do I finish a post about a questionable relationship between candidate for U.S. Senate Marco Rubio and his aide, health care lobbyist Amber Stoner, than another e-mail comes my way.

Via one of my two sources:

Ah the love plot thickens:

Rubio helped her buy a new house, on Terrace St in Tallahassee apparently which I found from her OWN Tweet picture pages here (read the comment below the picture)

[Note: I screen grabbed it and included Amber's comment]

I used Google Street View to identify the house's address, went to the Leon County Property Appraiser's database to look up the owner of the house and guess what....they have NO record for that street adress!

POOF! Vanishing property records. Hmmmm. wonder why?

Go to Google maps, enter 424 Terrace St. Use street view t see the property. It shows a property line between two properties. If you compare the home on the left to the picture she posted of her soon-to-be new house in the link above, you see they are the same house.

Here's a screen grab of Google Maps street view:

Now, go to the Leon County Property Appraiser's web site and enter tha address using their Search (for propery records). What did you get? Nothing, right?

What does it take to make a property record disappear?

Oh and we know she lives there because of recent tweet from her talking about hearing the Leon High School band from her home. It's around the corner.

Also, if you search Leon County Property records using her name or her name & Terrace St, NOTHING comes up.But she claims ownership of home.

There may be more coming. Stay tuned.