Ranking the states with the worst drivers: Red states win.


My contacts over at The Daily Beast sent a link to this article in an e-mail. How amusing:

What was more surprising: how the breakdown between states with more dangerous drivers and safer drivers fell almost completely along the lines of the 2008 McCain-Obama election, with the Republicans again coming up on the short end. Nine of the 10 worst-performing states went for McCain, while nine of the 10 best performers voted for Obama. (Delaware and Mississippi were the respective outliers.)

While this ranking won’t singlehandedly end the stereotypes about “California drivers” or “New York drivers,” it should help: “Louisiana driver” or “Kentucky driver” would be a more apt critique. And who’s the worst of all?

Answer: North Dakota.

Funny, red states are also tops in crime gun suppliers. Coincidence? I don't think so.