CBS News Sunday Morning - Linda McGibney rebuts Ben Stein op-ed re tax on rich


See, Stein did a mean spirited op ed on the show last week that whined and bitched about his taxes going up. (Far cry from this op-ed 4 years ago where he whined taxes should go up to fund our overseas adventures in war) I heard this woman today and marveled at how adult and refreshing she sounded. ADDED- Mellowjohn in comments mentioned that Bill Maher took Stein to the woodshed too, the video is here.

  • Cherisse Gardner

    Linda McGibney is the best example of a true American I've seen in a long time!

  • mjohnso27

    Standing ovation!

  • Wow, Linda! Too bad more people like her don't come forward and speak out. If I were one of the haves, I sure would!

  • JohnnyOO

    Linda cares. ty

  • mellowjohn

    bill maher had an excellent smack-down of poor, poor, pitiful ben stein in "new rules" friday night. it's reprinted at huffpo.

  • Huda

    Bill Maher also eviscerated his pitiful argument. If I might share a link with you and Gottalaff, I know you've previously focused on GITMO detainees and the unlawful detention and killing of American citizens:

    US accused of Yemen proxy detention

    "When Sharif Mobley, an American citizen living in Yemen, went to the shops on the morning of January 26 this year, his family had no idea that it was the start of a chain of events that would lead to him being accused of murder and facing potential execution.

    As he drank tea on a Sana'a street, eight masked men burst from two white vans and tried to grab him. Terrified, he ran, but was brought crashing to the ground by two bullets to his legs and bundled into one of the vans.

    The method of abduction may have been brutal, but it was not the work of a rebel group or criminal gang. Instead, the armed men were Yemeni security agents, and in a set of legal documents seen by Al Jazeera, Mobley's lawyers allege they were operating on behalf of the US government."