Rachel Maddow VIDEO: John McCain is losing it. Maj. Mike Almy was never asked, never told.


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This is appalling. And when I am this frustrated, I resort to making silly jokes.

As I said on the Nicole Sandler radio show this morning, John McCain thinks Pat Boone is a "hep cat". His next big move would be to hold an "Early Bird Special" rally where everyone would be required to wear flip-flops.



  • Luci

    He kept saying "That is not the policy. That is not the policy." So, if the Airforce discharged this man by searching out his private emails, then the Airforce violated DADT. It is that cut and dried imho.

  • CanadaGoose

    I agree. The first sign of dementia was when he picked Palin and his cognitive abilities have been going downhill ever since. Rapidly, too.

  • kimbutgar

    He lost it when he picked Palin. The old man is suffering from dementia, the signs are there.