Oh my. Christine O'Donnell has a gay sister... who's a Democrat


To quote my pal Lizz Winstead, Christine O'Donnell is for gay baiting and race baiting, but not masturbating.. Great line, isn't it? It's also a perfect segue to her non-gay baiting sister who is ... gay.

Yes, Tea Bagger O'Donnell's sis is a lesbian. I bet she masturbates, too. I wonder if I'll Never Beat Around the Bush O'Donnell will try to cure her.

I tried to befriend Jennie O'Donnell on Facebook, but it takes time to get a response. Gawker has the screen grabs and info, so I'll rely on them:

Oh em gee, she's a Democrat. What could be worse than a gay Democrat in the family? I'll tell you what. A gay Democrat who still thinks her sister is A-OK (and, hey waitaminute, uses my "name" in the process):

Family bonds are strong, and that's a good thing. But come on, Jennie, she's anti-YOU.

Gawker has more.