CNN VIDEO: Christine O'Donnell "might have violated election laws"



Christine O'Donnell's former financial advisor: "She would withdraw money for mileage... she didn't own a car at the time."

She used campaign money to go bowling and pay rent.

And yet her Tea Bagger groupies are defending her. Watch the video.

Next week, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) will ask the Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to open a criminal investigation into Christine O'Donnell's abuse of campaign funds. We'll also ask the Federal Election Commission to look into the matter. It seems pretty clear to us that she has been using her campaign money to finance her personal life, which is flat-out illegal.

Please follow the link to sign a petition encouraging U. S. Attorney David Weiss to fully investigate.

For an O'Donnellapedia of jaw-dropping quotes from the candidate who swears she will never beat around the bush, go here.

H/t: Shondi99

UPDATE: O'Donnell's mother on campaign payroll

  • MichaelDodson

    Nope, not a virgin. She is what is known as a born-again virgin. She admits to having a pretty 'wild and crazy' time in her teen years, including the now-infamous "dabbling into witchcraft" incident or period. At some point as an adult, she returned to living a chaste life, or says she did.

  • PalinsPussy

    She is toast

  • I don't see Gary Tuchman too often. But he is a throw back to network TV reporting from 20 - 30 years ago. Meaning he doesn't seem to be taking sides just digging up facts though adding a bit of opinion.

    Though not straight Cronkite like reporting it was refreshing and I thought made a realistic case that O'Donnell is at least not on the up-and-up and at worst a con-artist.

    BTW, AC does come off as a non-partisan newsman.

    Thank you CNN.

  • Hey! Haven't seen you for while. Thank you! I knew it wasn't actually 'the primary' but couldn't remember what. I remember listening to O'Donnell attempt to explain that she hadn't lied.

  • She claimed to have won a district or two....big ole lie of course.

  • This woman couldn't find her ass w/both hands. How has she gotten away with this for the last few years, FEC asleep at the wheel or what?

  • Luci

    There are people who absolutely hate the fact that President Obama won fair and square, they will stop at nothing to gridlock the progressive move that is happening under his administration. They must not succeed.

  • Leeeave Christine O'Donnell aloooooone! So she's a 41-year old virgin who doesn't masturbate and says things that came straight off the cover of Weekly World News. Stop making fun of her waaaaagh

  • Marina

    No investigations! No substitute candidates!

  • Lion Blade

    From what I hear and from my understanding, she doesn't even uphold the constitution.

  • Westernsmith1215

    The denial of tea party mindset is staggering! O'Donnell is a charlatan! But what is worse is she is a fanatical fundamentalist zealot who acts like a Inquisitor during the Spanish Inquisition! Those extremists use God and are so CORRUPT! The tea partiers think she is a struggling American just like themselves, you fools! She illegally took campaign money and paid for her own stuff! This is crazy, JIM JONES type crazy! The spell of fear and hate is put over these people and they love it! We really have to inform everyone where this is going, because if we don't they are going to cause a lot of destruction!

  • I just read a comment over at Politico in response to a story about her lies - 'Does she uphold the constitution? That's all that matters." Idiots.

    Didn't she also claim to have BEATEN Joe Biden in the primary or some such shit?